Arachnophobia Mode Added to Hogwarts Legacy Mod

The launch of Hogwarts Legacy has been enhanced by the addition of the first available mod, an arachnophobia mode. This mod is an essential inclusion to the accessibility features of the Hogwarts Legacy game.

Although Hogwarts Legacy has only been out for a short period of time, the modding community has already begun to craft modifications for the title. Titles such as Skyrim have, over the years, kept their popularity thanks to modders and it’s yet to be seen if Hogwarts Legacy will follow suit. There are only a limited number of mods available for the game presently due to its recent launch.

Players with a fear of spiders can enjoy this mod as it gets rid of the spiders’ visuals, although not their mechanics. This could be a valuable feature for many gamers, and some might even suggest it should have come with the game. Grounded has an arachnophobia mode which was praised for its accessibility, and it’s great that players have been able to mod it into their game with relative ease.

Hogwarts Legacy Mod Adds Arachnophobia Mode

The mod that has been released is still a work in progress, with a few bugs that are yet to be fixed. For example, dead spiders that were hand-placed still retain their original models. However, the mod author is aware of the issues and is working hard to remove all spiders from Hogwarts Legacy. Though the mod is not yet fully complete, it is still worthy of a look. It is great to see so many fan creations coming out of Hogwarts Legacy shortly after its release. While some of these creations add to the game, others are recreating within it, such as a player recreating Ellie from The Last of Us in Hogwarts Legacy.

Avalanche Software, the developer of Hogwarts Legacy, is no doubt hoping that their game can now put the pre-release noise behind them. This includes the public controversy which was caused by J.K. Rowling’s transphobic comments, which led to a boycott of the game in several communities. The studio made their stance very clear by including a transgender character in the game. Going forward, their focus will be on providing support for the game post-launch. Although there has been no official word on any DLC for Hogwarts Legacy, if the sales numbers are healthy, players can most likely anticipate further content for the title.

Hogwarts Legacy can now be experienced on PC, PS5, and the Xbox Series X/S, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be ready to be enjoyed starting April 4 and the Switch version will be released on July 25.

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