Player of Hogwarts Legacy Erratically Slays Sebastian Sallow and Receives an Unusual Object

The popular game Hogwarts Legacy has been met with a great response, with many players taking in the virtual version of Hogwarts. Within the game, there are a variety of characters to interact with, including Leander Prewett, Eldritch Diggory, and Sebastian Sallow. Unfortunately, one fan of the game was not aware that their actions would have disastrous consequences and ended up killing Sallow while fighting a Venomous Scurriour.

Famous among gamers of Hogwarts Legacy, Sebastian Sallow is a renowned character in the game who can use Unforgivable Curses. Representing the Slytherin house, players have the opportunity to befriend him and gain access to exclusive side quests. One of the most renowned of these is “In The Shadow Of The Study” which rewards players with a unique spell. Though he is a valuable friend to the game’s audience, one fan, unfortunately, managed to kill him by mistake.

A Reddit user named Uselessmedics recently posted a video to social media that shows a remarkable turn of events: an apparent accidental killing of Sebastian Sallow while playing Hogwarts Legacy. The scene featured a battle with a Venomous Scurriour, a powerful spider species found in the game. These spiders inflict poison damage and can be a real challenge for any witch or wizard. To counter the effects of the poison damage, players can use the Wiggenweld Potion. The video depicts the player casting various spells from Hogwarts Legacy to take down the Venomous Scurriour and has since gone viral.

An image of a pink and blue background with a speech bubble in the center is depicted in the below picture. The text inside the bubble reads “I’m not sure I can do this”.

The player appears to have the upper hand in the fight, since most of their strikes are successful, making huge dents in the enemy’s HP bar. Nevertheless, amid the battle, it seems that they made a mistake and their spell hit Sebastian Sallow, causing him to fall to the ground and die. Furthermore, Uselessmedics observed that Sebastian Sallow gave out a random item called dev_placeholder item upon death. The Hogwarts Legacy gamer reloaded their save, but the item stayed in their inventory and was listed under miscellaneous.

The incident has ignited an intriguing conversation online, with many Hogwarts Legacy aficionados expressing astonishment and incredulity at the unintentional dispatch of such an influential character. Sebastian Sallow is reported to be a magician of the Dark Arts and a renowned figure in the Wizarding World, and many Hogwarts Legacy devotees are captivated by his wistful backstory. Following the death of his parents during his early life, Sebastian Sallow was reared by his uncle Solomon Sallow, a former auror.

The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy is now accessible on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Gamers can look forward to the PS4 and Xbox One versions on May 5th and the Switch version on July 25th.

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