A Funny Overwatch 2 Moment Featuring Soldier 76 Unintentionally Killing Genji

It’s no surprise that Overwatch 2 is a chaotic game and the perfect example of this is a recent clip of a Genji player being taken out by Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets. This not only serves as a great comedic moment, but it is also a reminder that Overwatch 2 is full of unexpected moments, even in known environments.

Overwatch 2

The strength of Overwatch as a game that has kept players engaged despite the rough start of Overwatch 2 is its range of characters. There are 36 heroes to choose from and all have their weapons, roles and abilities. Players can work together to use all these tools to outplay the enemy team and show off their skills. But then, sometimes, someone simply makes a mistake and dies.

While playing as Genji in a Control match on Lijiang Tower, Reddit user Max_shadows shared a clip of their experience. It starts with them sprinting across a gap to help a teammate fight Roadhog, and then back again. Unfortunately, before they even land, they are hit by Helix Rockets from a faraway Soldier 76. The killcam shows Soldier 76 trying to hit Max’s teammate, and then accidentally striking them when Max dashes in front of the rockets.

The image above illustrates a scene that appears to be from a movie or television show. It is a still shot of an actor in the middle of a dramatic scene.

The Overwatch subreddit was amused when they heard about Max_shadows’ misadventure. The classic “Get down Mr. President!” meme was mentioned numerous times, but people also jested at the Soldier 76 player’s inability to hit his targets before destroying Max from the sky. All in all, those who were looking for videos of Overwatch 2 going wrong had a treat in this particular instance.

It is safe to say that the initial months of Overwatch 2 have been met with dissatisfaction due to numerous complaints about technical issues, microtransactions, and balance changes. However, 2023 may prove to be a much better year for the game with the release of the much-anticipated PvE mode and potential for further improvements as it completes its early access period. If Blizzard listens to the players, there is a good chance that Overwatch 2 will experience a marked upgrade in the months to come. Only time will tell.

Overwatch 2 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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