Heartbreaking Video Shows Classic Games and Consoles Ruined By Water Damage

A video recently released has caused immense grief for gamers, as it shows a selection of classic game consoles and titles being ruined by water damage. Even though these consoles and games still evoke fond memories for many players, the sight of them being destroyed is deeply upsetting.

Throughout the years, gaming consoles have advanced significantly. The classic consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 have gone out of fashion but gamers still keep them around for the strong sentiment and fondness they bring. For some, these consoles were their first experience with gaming and others just love the games which are unlikely to be remade in the current generation. Regardless of the reasons, sentiment is probably the most prominent factor for preserving the older consoles. However, sometimes there are external forces which can damage or even destroy these consoles and their games, notwithstanding the efforts to protect them.

A gamer recently exhibited their set of retro video games and consoles, sparking nostalgia among viewers.

The TikTok shared by Supra_Gamer is a sad sight, showing a storage box filled with a number of games and consoles completely submerged in water. An Xbox 360, a WWE Smackdown vs. Raw game, and many other titles were all lost to the water damage in just a few moments, leaving one gamer without their beloved collection.

The box was filled with a great diversity of games for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 platforms, all of which require the classic console to be able to be played. Although most of the titles were hard to make out, two of the games, Forza Motorsport 3 and Young Justice: Legacy, were damaged beyond repair. These titles must have been very meaningful to the gamer, and it will be a challenging task to try and recreate such a unique collection.

As we move further into the digital age of gaming, having a physical game collection is less and less common. This makes the loss of this particular game collection all the more difficult to accept. No matter how much the owner of the game collection values their games, be it through perfect preservation or rediscovery, the loss remains the same. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the gamer will be able to get all of their lost games and consoles back. However, there is still hope that some of the titles and consoles can be retrieved.