Making Adjustments to Weapon Pickup and Dispersal in the Next Halo Infinite Update

343 Industries released a preview of their plans for the upcoming Halo Infinite patch, which includes an adjustment that counters the shooter’s existing competitive Drop Weapon meta. Halo Infinite is anticipating the start of Season 3 on March 7, and before the substantial update, 343 Industries will be rolling out another update. The brief list of changes already confirms some major alterations to Halo Infinite that could bring about a total transformation of the game’s meta.

Recently, Microsoft decided to release several employees from 343 Industries who had been involved with Halo Infinite after the game’s launch experienced some difficulties. Despite this, it appears as if efforts to provide continued support for the games multiplayer have remained a priority. Reports have been made of substantial changes slated for Season 3, such as the arrival of the highly anticipated Infection Mode, Forbidden and Crystal Cave maps, and more.

Ahead of the upcoming Season 3 launch, 343 Industries has announced the February pre-season update coming on February 15. This update, as explained by 343, is in response to feedback from Halo Infinite players and reported bugs from the game’s support website. Even though the list of changes is short, they are intended to be substantial. Halo Infinite players will have a few weeks to get used to the major modifications before the beginning of Season 3 and its competitive resets.

Halo Infinite Update

The most major alteration for the premier grade of Halo Infinite competition will be the discontinuation of the Drop Meta method. Before the February 15 update, players of Halo Infinite had discovered that by dropping weapons it was possible to change to a secondary weapon twice as quickly. With this update, discarding a weapon will take the same amount of time as switching, which could lead to more drawn-out and hazardous skirmishes.

Halo Infinite has gone through several modifications, such as modifications to the S7 Sniper to make no-scoping easier, decreasing the rate of jamming for semi-automatic weapons, reducing the damage radius of frag grenades, and adjusting Ranked Arenas so that weapon racks won’t respawn a weapon until the earlier one has disappeared. Additionally, players will be able to see more easily how much their CSR goes up or down after a match.

The February 15th update to Halo Infinite is not the only alteration that 343 Industries has planned, yet this concise list of changes is sufficient to indicate the magnitude of transformation to come. By implementing these modifications before Season 3‘s launch, 343 Industries will be able to assess whether they have gone too far or if more should be done. Contesting Halo Infinite players should try it out to ready themselves for the following season.

Halo Infinite is now available for PC, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

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