343 Industries has declared that they will be hosting a Halo Infinite Joint Fire Event shortly.

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Halo Infinite Event

On January 17, the Joint Fire event will commence in Halo Infinite, allowing gamers to earn exclusive cosmetics by completing tasks and taking part in the Covert-One Flag mode. This was revealed via a brief video posted on social media showing off the JFO armor that can be acquired. This armor was previously debuted in Halo: Reach, as well as much of the other cosmetics from the Winter Update and the game’s launch. The clip depicted the Bay Sunset visor, the JFO helmet, the UA/Type JFO kneepads, and the SAP/JFO shoulder pads. According to the Twitter caption, these items are just a few of the items that the event will unlock. Covert One Flag was unveiled as one of the new additions in the Halo Infinite’s Winter season. This involves defenders defending a flag while attackers strive to grab it and bring it back to their base.

The attackers have a steady active camouflage, which makes them virtually invisible, yet the defenders have access to infinite threat sensors, allowing them to create waves that uncover the hidden locations of their adversaries. Halo Infinite’s last event unlocked a variety of holiday-themed cosmetics. The Winter Update’s implementation of Forge mode has resulted in zany player-created maps, such as Whiterun from Skyrim or a Waffle House. Additionally, 343 Industries posted a blog recently discussing the year’s stats, saying it was filled with difficulties and triumphs.

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