Halo Infinite Hit Reg: Gamers Unhappy with Broken Hit Registration

Since its 2021 launch, Halo Infinite has had multiple Seasons of updates and patches, yet its online play still has a severe issue with hit registration. Despite 343 Industries‘ constant effort to improve the game, this particular issue seems to be beyond the developer’s capability to resolve.

343 Industries is eager to pull in Halo Infinite supporters once again. Despite the fact that the material presented in Season 3 of Halo Infinite was viewed as a step forward for the game, there is still a lot of effort to be done to regain the loyalty of the fans. After the game’s launch, it appears that Halo Infinite is now finished with everything that was previously promised. Nevertheless, it has taken 343 Industries a considerable amount of time to reach this point. Some people are of the opinion that it has taken too long. Moving forward, the developer should aim to mend some of the more annoying facets of the game such as the widely discussed hit registration problems.

A Halo Infinite fan spent an extraordinary amount of time recreating a renowned map in the game’s Forge mode – a total of 1400 hours! This can be seen here.

Redditor StrugglingMusicMan’s posted video displays the level of desync issues in Halo Infinite on the game mode Tactical Slayer, where a one-hit-headshot is possible. The clip was even slowed down to emphasize a headshot, however, it still took a melee attack to finish off the enemy. This is unfortunately the common experience for many players with the hit registration in the game being severely impaired.

For those who have said "THAT WAS A HEADSHOT!" while playing Tac Slayer, Yes. Yes it was.
by u/StrugglingMusicMan in halo

Many Halo Infinite gamers have been greatly irritated by these issues. It’s almost impossible to go through the game without experiencing a degree of poor hit registration, and understandably, fans are really mad. Other Halo games didn’t have this issue, yet Halo Infinite has had the problem for about a year and a half with no remedy. The game is still playable, but gamers want Halo to be the number one shooter game. With issues like these, it will be hard to reach that level anytime soon.

When Halo Infinite Season 3 wraps up on June 27, it will be exciting to observe what 343 Industries has in store for the game’s post-launch support. There hasn’t been any information released concerning Season 4 yet, but the end date is quickly approaching and gamers are expecting something new. It’s assumed that Season 4 will include some new multiplayer maps for Halo Infinite, but nothing is certain yet. Hopefully, we will start to get more specifics as May progresses.

Halo Infinite is now accessible on PC, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X/S.