Forge Mode in Halo Infinite Could Possibly Receive Campaign AI Capabilities

The lead Forge designer at Halo Infinite, Michael Shorr, took to Twitter to reveal that 343 Industries is searching for the best way to bring the campaign AI into Forge. This conversation was started after a tweet from a fan suggested that the game could use some PvE (player versus environment) content.

The Forge mode is part of the Beta phase, so it can be expected that more features and content will be added in the future. Recently, when a Halo Infinite fan suggested PvE modes should be included, Michael Shorr replied with “On it!” When someone asked if this meant Firefight mode could be coming to the game, he clarified that nothing is confirmed yet, but they are working on incorporating an AI system for Forge mode.

Forge mode could be greatly enhanced by an AI system. Players could then create more engaging PvE content and quests for everyone to enjoy with the aid of AI-controlled missions and enemies. Although there is no timeline for the implementation of these features, it appears that development is already in progress.

Using the Forge tools in Halo Infinite, players have already constructed some remarkable maps featuring reproductions of classic Halo levels or even levels from other video games.

343 Industries recently provided assurance to their fans that the planned timeline for 2023 is still on track. The Season 3: Echoes Within launch is still set for March 7th, which will introduce a new battle pass, maps, and some game modes in the months following.

Over two years ago, Certain Affinity began work on an unannounced Halo project, separate from the work of 343 Industries. The Texas-based studio’s full intentions remain to be seen.

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