Release Date Confirmed for Goodbye Volcano High

Developers have announced that the cinematic story-driven game Goodbye Volcano High will be released on June 15. It was presented in the recent PlayStation State of Play event, and the independent title is coming very soon to both PC and PlayStation platforms.

In June 2020, KO_OP, a developer, unveiled an interactive high-school drama, Goodbye Volcano High, with a short trailer. This game takes place in a world filled with anthropomorphic dinosaurs, where the main character – a teenage musician called Fang – and their friends have a final opportunity to find love and connection before a meteor destroys their world.

Originally, KO_OP had scheduled to put out Goodbye Volcano High sometime between 2021 and 2022. Unfortunately, the game was delayed considerably due to the pandemic and the studio’s decision not to crunch to make up for the time lost. The game is now anticipated to come out for PC, PS4, and PS5 on June 15.

At today’s Sony State of Play showcase, the indie studio released a new trailer for Goodbye Volcano High that not only divulged the game’s upcoming release date but also gave viewers a peek at the gameplay, which is a mix of a rhythm game and a visual novel. The combination of the two genres is an intriguing concept, and only time will tell if it works in practice.

The recently released trailer allowed fans to relish in the original soundtrack of Goodbye Volcano High, which is of major importance in the game’s story and gameplay. Fans of Lachlan Watson, who was the voice of Theo Putnam in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, will be delighted to hear more of their work as the protagonist Fang. The trailer also gave a glimpse of the hand-drawn animation from KO_OP, which they have described as a playable cartoon.

Despite its colorful animation and talking dinosaurs, Goodbye Volcano High does not solely target children. KO_OP states the game delves into mature topics such as death, drug and alcohol use, and sexuality. Those who enjoyed the Don’t Nod’s Life is Strange series may find Goodbye Volcano High particularly interesting. Rhythm and adventure game aficionados should be excited about the impending summer launch of Goodbye Volcano High.

Goodbye Volcano High will be out for PC, PS4, and PS5 systems on June 15th.

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