Guerrilla Games Joins Forces With Hogwarts Legacy Support Studio

Studio Gobo, responsible for aiding in the creation of such titles as Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy, is partnering with Guerrilla Games to assist in the continuation of Horizon projects. As a result of the success of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has announced that they are currently working on multiple Horizon-related projects. To ensure that these projects are completed to the highest standard, the studio has welcomed Studio Gobo to contribute to the development. Horizon has evidently grown beyond the amount of work that Guerrilla Games is able to manage alone, and thus they have invited the studio to lend a hand.

Studio Gobo is not the only successful support studio in the video game development industry. It has a knack for creating AAA titles, particularly in the realm of character action. The roles and responsibilities of the studio may vary with the product, but its impressive clientele is a testament to its capabilities. Ubisoft, WB Games, Microsoft Game Studios, Bethesda, Disney, Tencent, and most recently Sony’s Guerrilla Games have all collaborated with Studio Gobo.

Studio Gobo made an announcement on Twitter that it is now partnering with Guerrilla Games for the Horizon franchise. The alliance is much more expansive than their prior partnerships which were mainly project-based. This recent collaboration with Guerrilla Games appears to be more expansive and potentially a long-term commitment.Studio Gobo made a public statement to promote recruitment of new personnel. They tweeted out a link to their job page which showed various vacancies that needed to be filled such as senior-level gameplay programmers, engine programmers, environment artists, and systems programmers. It is evident that Studio Gobo is in need of highly skilled individuals to fill these roles. Although the number of job postings is limited, it does not necessarily denote an extensive expansion.

The exact nature of what Studio Gobo is up to is still a secret. Reports have surfaced of a potential new single-player installment in the Horizon Zero Dawn series as well as a cooperative multiplayer game. Additionally, there have been talks of a remaster, although Guerrilla Games are not thought to be behind it. Studio Gobo could be involved with any of these projects, all of them, or something else entirely.

For those who are fans of the Horizon games, this news is definitely exciting. The addition of Studio Gobo to the Guerrilla Games team is expected to help the studio reach whatever goals they have in mind. With that being said, it may be some time before any sequels or spin-offs of the Horizon game are released, barring any remasters, ports, or additional content. As time goes by, additional information about Studio Gobo’s work on the Horizon game will likely be revealed.

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