A Dedicated God of War Supporter Constructs Kratos’ Home in Minecraft

An enthusiast of Minecraft has constructed Kratos and Atreus’ residence from the God of War saga inside the game. Since its launch, the sandbox title has been a platform for a variety of projects, such as this one, with fans faithfully recreating their beloved settings in remarkable detail.

The house Kratos occupies in God of War (2018) and Ragnarok has earned its place in gaming history, even though the time spent there is relatively short. This abode was the site of Kratos’ battle against Baldur, as well as the confrontation between Odin and Thor in Ragnarok. These two events set the stage for Kratos and Atreus to begin their mission across the Nine Realms.

A Reddit user, JayBeae, recently shared screenshots of a Minecraft rendition of the cozy home from God of War on the game’s subreddit, garnering 1,100 upvotes. Though this project may be smaller in size than other works in Minecraft, it still captures the home’s warm and inviting atmosphere, effectively providing a refuge from the frigidness of Midgard. This creation is both practical and artistic; it functions as a cozy player home, but also serves as a display of admiration for the game.


It’s essential to take into account that this is only a re-creation of the home, with certain elements from the original setting missing, such as the area where Fenrir would stay and the hole in the roof from the fight with Baldur. JayBeae recognized this and replied that improvements would be made soon. It would be intriguing to observe any new developments on this project that can make it match its in-game features more accurately.

The God of War franchise is renowned for its ability to create an emotional bond between players and characters. This is evidenced by the exceptional fan-crafted projects, such as a painting of Kratos in the latest game. The diverse and creative expressions of loyalty from fans make the wait for more content from the series bearable.

Minecraft can be accessed on a wide range of platforms, including PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and other older systems.

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