A God of War Enthusiast Finds the Ideal Name for Their Newborn

A devoted God of War follower expressed his appreciation for the series by giving his newborn an appropriate name. God of War is an action-adventure video game created by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation console. This franchise has an extensive history with the PlayStation, which began with the original God of War installment for the PlayStation 2.

The God of War series has entered into a new era with the PlayStation 4 installment, introducing a more mature Kratos as he confronts the difficulties of being a father and honoring his late wife. This Norse journey is divided into two parts – God of War and God of War Ragnarok – and emphasizes the power of family ties and how it is possible to break through any legacy of misfortune. Sony Santa Monica’s vision of Kratos has changed significantly since the original trilogy, and this is evident in the characterization of numerous characters.

An enthusiastic fan paid homage to their favorite game by giving a special name to their newborn baby. Reddit user ejaculate shared a picture of a hand-painted sign with the name of their child on it, Atreus. Certain details were censored out for privacy, yet other information like date, time, weight and length were featured on the image with trees painted on as well. The name Atreus was taken from the Norse saga, particularly from God of War Ragnarok, a game in which Kratos’ son plays an important role.

Commenters were quite vocal about their excitement for the passionate fan. One person suggested that the parent should only call their child “boy” until they become a teenager, which is something Kratos is famous for doing with Atreus. A different fan joked that the newborn’s first name should simply be “whatever,” referencing the more annoying moments of Atreus. However, some other fans were more serious, saying that the child should not be made to be a part of their fandom.

Many gamers hold a special place in their hearts for the beloved God of War series, and this serves as an illustration of how much impact games can have on someone. However, it does pose an interesting question: is it acceptable for a parent to influence their kids by naming them after their favorite characters?

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