God of War Creator’s Response to Bloodborne Trending on Twitter – Latest Games News

When rumors of a remaster/remake/port of Bloodborne began circulating again, God of War creator David Jaffe addressed the claim that it is coming to PC and PlayStation 5 which mentioned him as a source. It appears that this happens every month when the game inexplicably trends on Twitter.

Previously, a tweet sparked a discussion about potential sequels to some of the PlayStation’s exclusive titles, particularly Bloodborne , FromSoftware’s celebrated take on the Lovecraftian genre. After all these years, fans are still eagerly awaiting any progress on the game, especially with newer consoles being released. Moreover, there is a rising demand for a Bloodborne PC port to give Sony an easy victory.

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Interestingly, the latest round of gossip was initiated by the same Twitter account, RinoTheBouncer, that started the chatter before. This time they confidently reported that Bloodborne will be released on PC, PS5, and is expected to be officially revealed at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. Given that players have been let down so many times before when it comes to this game, the replies were full of doubt and hope that it was true. Rino mentioned David Jaffe as their source without further details, but the name alone was enough to surprise a few people.

Jaffe, the creator of God of War, who no longer works for Sony, reportedly heard from an insider that Bloodborne was to get a new version. Hours later, he shared a video on Twitter, expressing his dissatisfaction with the situation. According to him, a reporter has confirmed the existence of the game and that it will be revealed soon. He also denied any leaks, considering it disrespectful to all working on the project.

Although rumors of a Bloodborne project have been going around on Twitter for years, Jaffe has faith in the journalist who brought the news to him. The journalist could not verify whether it would be a remaster or a remake, only that something related to Bloodborne was in the works. It would be wise not to get hopes up too high, and gamers would undoubtedly prefer that a PC port of Bloodborne not suffer the same fate as The Last of Us Part 1, so the studio assigned to it should take whatever time is necessary.

The PlayStation 4 platform offers Bloodborne.