Genshin Impact Artist Creates Mecha Skin for Nilou

Admirers of Genshin Impact have created an awesome mecha-style dress for the Hydro wielder Nilou, a leading figure in the Zubayr Theatre. However, the HoYoverse has not unveiled many alternate looks for their characters, even though each update focuses on the game’s playable cast.

Mihoyo added two new costumes in Genshin Impact version 3.4 during the Lantern Rite Festival, which Ayaka and Lisa acquired their initial skins. Typically, the game introduces fresh cosmetics bi-annually throughout two yearly occasions, which includes the Chinese New Year’s Lantern Rite Festival and the Summer-themed Golden Apple Archipelago event.

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The Reddit user zhengjian2021 shared an appealing skin concept for Hydro user Nilou, who was included in update 3.1. The post was met with positive feedback and earned over 1.9k upvotes with many comments expressing admiration for the art. Numerous fans commented that mecha-themed skins are rare, and some thought the design resembled characters from HoYoverse’s second most popular franchise, Honkai. Comments began to speculate how this skin could alter Nilou’s play style. Click here to view the Nilou art.

Nilou from Genshin Impact stands out from the rest due to her reliance on the Bloom reaction. This is executed by combining Hydro and Dendro, meaning that players must feature both of these elements in their party for the reaction to work. Afterwards, Dendro cores are dropped on the ground and explode after a few seconds, causing AoE Dendro damage in the vicinity.

Certain fans have proposed that a fan-made costume of Nilou could improve the destructive potential of cores by transforming them into hi-tech landmines. Players wish that HoYoverse could introduce a mecha-related costume for Nilou or any other character in the game. Recent Genshin Impact discloses have been implying that two well-liked characters, Klee and Kaeya, will be getting new outfits in the upcoming Golden Apple Archipelago event.

A couple of months may have to pass before gamers add Nilou to their squad; she was just featured on the Limited Character Banner along with Nahida. These two characters are believed to be must-have units for players constructing their group with the Bloom elemental effect in mind.

Genshin Impact can be played on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. It is also in the process of being developed for the Nintendo Switch.