Gearbox Software Working on New Games: Borderlands and Original IP

Employment opportunities for Gearbox Software allude to ongoing effort in one or more projects that may include a new Borderlands , a novel IP, or possibly both. Gearbox Software is renowned for their celebrated Borderlands franchise but they also have a history of experimenting with fresh IPs or licensed properties, such as Aliens: Colonial Marines , Battleborn , and Penn & Teller VR . However, their next venture still remains a secret.

In May 2022, Embracer Group, the parent company of Gearbox, made a shocking declaration that the developer of Borderlands had nine different games currently in progress. These projects probably include titles from Gearbox, such as Hyper Light Breaker, Homeworld 3, Risk of Rain Returns, and Remnant 2, which are all planned to be released in 2023. Nonetheless, no recent pronouncements have been made regarding in-house projects from Gearbox.

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Gearbox Software has recently posted a number of job opportunities in its international studios, indicating plans for the future. One of the postings, a Game Designer opening at their Montreal studio, is particularly interesting as it suggests the development of a new AAA IP. This new title will have progression-focused loot and equipment, plus crafting; while it may not be a Borderlands title, it will still be in the same genre.

References to a new AAA IP can be found in multiple listings, alongside the potential for a Borderlands game under Gearbox. A Lead Mission Designer job listing is mentioned and calls for familiarity with the mechanics of the Borderlands franchise; this project, however, is likely distinct from the AAA IP that has been mentioned in other postings. This is not, however, explicitly stated.

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Historically, Gearbox has concentrated on one significant game launch at once, with secondary projects being less involved. For example, they were making New Tales from the Borderlands while working on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, or Penn & Teller VR in tandem with Borderlands 3. Additionally, they have developed sizeable DLC for their earlier projects as their current undertakings get going. It could be that Gearbox is devoting all its resources to two distinct major video games, or the brand-new IP might be more modest compared to the Borderlands title.

Gearbox has already expressed that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 2 is in development, so the next AAA FPS title from them doesn’t have to be Borderlands 4 or a brand-new IP. Fans will just have to wait to see what Gearbox has in store, though patience is required, as it’s been a year since Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was released. There is a possibility of a surprise announcement in the near future, but it is also likely that any reveals may take a year or more.