Gamer Beats Skyrim’s Strongest Boss in a Single Hit – Shocking Video

A player has recently posted a video in which they single-handedly defeated the most powerful adversary in Skyrim, the Ebony Warrior. Making the mistake of underestimating this adversary is something that many Skyrim players have done during their introductory playthrough and, for the vast majority, it has resulted in a deadly outcome.

[Skyrim is not typically remembered for its challenging bosses], but the Ebony Warrior presents a notable exception. Upon the player’s reaching level 80, the Ebony Warrior appears and requests a duel. He is the toughest enemy in the game and capable of using Dragon Shouts, making the fight a formidable one. This video showcases this difficulty, proving the Ebony Warrior’s notorious reputation.

An unusual chair created using pieces of meat was crafted by a Skyrim player, as reported by in their article entitled ‘Skyrim Player Builds Bizarre Throne of Meat’.

Had fun fighting the ebony warrior
by u/Priest_of_lord_Chaos in skyrim

Priest_of_lord_Chaos, a redditor, shared a video of them defeating the Ebony Warrior in Skyrim. When the player strikes, the kill cam kicks in and the enemy dies right away, which is an unexpected result for a battle against the toughest enemy in the game. Even with the strongest gear, it shouldn’t have been able to happen. As it turns out, the user was attacked by a legendary dragon before the fight and this likely weakened the Ebony Warrior, allowing them to take him down with a single hit. The game was on Expert difficulty, so it’s possible that if it was on Legendary it may not have been possible.

The gamers in the thread discussed their experiences with the Ebony Warrior in Skyrim. One participant revealed their annoyance regarding the Reflect Blow perk which could lead to an instant death. Another shared their story of being shouted off a mountain, losing the fight due to fall damage. Despite this, he is still thought of as a formidable opponent, even if it is possible to beat him with some workarounds.

Bethesda has a great opportunity to introduce a brand new formidable foe in The Elder Scrolls 6 instead of bringing back the Ebony Warrior. There are already plenty of recurring characters in the Elder Scrolls series, such as M’aiq the Liar and Sheogorath who have both appeared since Morrowind and beyond. It would likely be more beneficial for The Elder Scrolls 6 to come up with something new in this regard.

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