Game Awards Crasher Challenges KSI to Boxing Match

Matan Even, a viral YouTube prankster renowned for his stage crash at The Game Awards, has gained traction on the internet again due to his unexpected appearance at KSI’s boxing event. The event, the weigh-in for the main card of the evening, was KSI VS. Joe Fourneir, both of whom are well-known YouTube content creators and boxers.

At the 2022 Game Awards, Maten Even, also known as “The Bill Clinton Kid”, made a name for himself. During the acceptance speech for the game of the year award, Matan joined the group of developers on stage. He could be seen standing with them during the live broadcast, then waiting silently for their speech to be finished. After the developers left, Maten stepped up to the microphone and mumbled something about Bill Clinton before the camera was quickly cut back to the host. Later that night, he was arrested off camera.

Amidst considerable fanfare, IshowSpeed revealed KSI’s contact information.

Matan, the now renowned YouTuber, had a star turn at WWE’s WrestleMania back in the spring, and recently made a splash at KSI’s Misfits Boxing 007 event during the weigh-in. The 15-year-old did not hold back when he stepped up to the 39-year-old Derek Chisora, boldly boasting that he would send him out before the third round. Chisora was undaunted, answering with the assertion that he would take Matan out in one round. Matan’s prank was more ambitious and eye-catching than any of his prior stunts.

This year, KSI made his first appearance at WrestleMania, though he has not said anything on the Maten event. As a renowned YouTube personality and a bit of a jokester, KSI is analogous to the small prankster. Matan has had a jam-packed year, pulling pranks on well-known celebrities as the months go by. This includes a tussle with Twitch celebrity Hasan Piker and his most recent prank on IShowSpeed.

At the moment, Maten Even is not a name recognizable to the average person. Nevertheless, his YouTube channel has already reached the 100K subscriber mark and his pranks are becoming increasingly complicated. It is possible that, if he continues, Maten Even could become a familiar name in the future. Meanwhile, those who have been victims of the YouTuber’s tricks are trying to come up with a way to manage him, such as The Game Awards who tried to Photoshop him out of the GOTY acceptance speech.