Funny The Last of Us 2 Clip: Gamer Hits Jackpot When Opening Safe [Video]

A video from The Last of Us Part 2 reveals a gamer who had a stroke of luck after opening a safe – and it wasn’t exactly what they expected. As scavenging is an important part of the game, it looks like this time the prize wasn’t as great as hoped.

When it first came out, the reception of The Last of Us Part 2 was mixed. However, after the surprise of the storyline wore off, gamers’ opinion of the game calmed down. It will always be remembered for its controversial launch, but critics still believe it is one of the best titles ever, just like its prequel.

After investing 300 hours of playtime in The Last of Us 2, one player stumbled upon an unexpected discovery involving a Purple Shambler. Take a look here for more information.

In an amusing video posted by Redditor coolwali, they were attempting to break into a safe in The Last of Us Part 2, hoping to find a large stash of loot. However, their efforts were met with huge letdown – all that was inside was a roll of duct tape. The disappointment was so great that the viewer could be forgiven for assuming this was yet another unusual bug from The Last of Us Part 2, but in reality it was just an illustration of the game’s scavenging mechanics.

In the thread, gamers commented on a flaw in The Last of Us Part 2 with the Grounded difficulty. This setting makes enemies harder to beat and reduces the loot available, which is a more immersive experience for a post-apocalyptic setting. However, many in the thread felt like this was an unfair way for the developer to up the difficulty level and didn’t make the game as fun as it could be.

The announcement of The Last of Us Season 2’s upcoming filming has created a lot of excitement for fans of the franchise. After the HBO series’ success, it has gained a surprising amount of mainstream recognition and will be interesting to see if the adaptation of The Last of Us Part 2 can be as well-received. The sequel was met with some disagreement due to the story decisions, and with no news on The Last of Us Part 3, fans must turn their attention to the show and the forthcoming multiplayer spin-off.

The Last of Us Part 2 has now been released for PS4.