Attack on Titan Crossover Leaked in Fortnite

The upcoming season of Fortnite may include some elements from the famous Japanese anime/manga series Attack on Titan. Season 1 of Fortnite featured a variety of skins that could be earned in the Battle Pass or purchased from the shop, such as crossovers with franchises like My Hero Academia and The Witcher.

Fortnite has had the pleasure of collaborating with a few anime franchises, the first being the Naruto series. The crossover saw a range of skins from the anime added to the BR and was later followed by the Dragon Ball Z one. Recently, the game had a My Hero Academia collaboration, which included skins of some of the show’s most renowned characters and the capacity to use Deku’s Smash attack to take out unsuspecting opponents.

As the launch of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 approaches (March 10), it appears the anime crossovers are to continue. Leakers ShiinaBR and HYPEX have suggested that the game will collaborate with Attack on Titan, with Eren Yeager as the secret skin of the battle pass. Additionally, a Mythic Waist Grappler item should be added, inspired by the characters of Attack on Titan. While the specifics of the collaboration have not been revealed, more details should be forthcoming as the season’s start date draws near.

Leakers have indicated that the upcoming season of Fortnite will be inspired by a Neo-Tokyo theme, which may be reflected in the alterations on the battle royale map. It is impossible to determine the degree of these changes until official information is released, or players can experience it for themselves shortly. Additionally, it is rumored that the battle pass will include a secret Eren Yeager skin.

It’s important to consider this news with a healthy level of skepticism as with any other rumor, but prior Fortnite leaks have tended to be accurate. The arrival of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 on March 4th would be an ideal moment for a Fortnite crossover. This potential collaboration could bring in a wave of Attack on Titan followers to Fortnite as well as persuade Fortnite players to give the Attack on Titan anime a try if they have yet to do so.

Fortnite can be played now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X.

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