Fortnite has deactivated the ability to hurdle after the game tended to blast players into the upper atmosphere.

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Epic Games’ Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been having difficulties lately, with a bug that is causing players to be thrown high above the map and fall to their demise. This bug is related to hurdling, a move that was meant to allow gamers to move over small obstacles, but it was disabled in December due to a bug. Even though hurdling was re-enabled earlier this week, it is still not fixed and new videos have surfaced on Reddit of players being sent far into the sky.

How high a player is launched seems to vary, with some reaching a great height while others only get a small boost. This is amusing to watch, but not enjoyable for those simply attempting to play the game. As a result of this, Epic has had to disable hurdling again, and they promised to provide an update when the problem is resolved. Additionally, hurdling appears to be disliked by many Fortnite players, who wish to have the option to turn it off.

Some players have mentioned that hurdling gets in the way of performing other actions, such as reloading. This issue, combined with other bugs, has caused much frustration and led Epic to take down the game for maintenance. It has been one of the most problematic season launches to date.

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