Content from Dead Space Added to Fortnite

The most recent Item Shop update for the popular battle royale game Fortnite has unveiled a crossover with the sci-fi horror title Dead Space. It has become common for Fortnite to collaborate with other video games, as evidenced by its crossovers with Marvel and Star Wars. Even though Fortnite is typically seen as a family-friendly game, some of the skins it has featured are from more mature media, such as Kratos from God of War, Rick and Morty, and characters from The Walking Dead.

Quite a while back, news broke that Fortnite would be teaming up with Dead Space to promote the upcoming remake. The Dead Space remake will be released on Friday, January 27, giving fans of the sci-fi horror genre the opportunity to experience the game with upgraded visuals and other enhancements. To help pass the time until the remake is available, gamers can play as Isaac Clarke in Fortnite.

The Isaac Clarke skin in Fortnite can be obtained by purchasing the Strange Transmissions Quest Pack for $11.99, with no need for V-Bucks. This bundle includes the Isaac Clarke Outfit, RIG Back Bling, USG Ishimura Back Bling, the Plasma Cutter Pickaxe, the Bench Upgrade Emote, and tasks that will reward 1,500 V-Bucks when completed.

The new Dead Space content in Fortnite is sure to please fans of the sci-fi horror franchise. The USG Ishimura, the ill-fated ship that Isaac Clarke explores in Dead Space, as well as the Plasma Cutter, Isaac’s most iconic weapon used to battle necromorphs, both appear in the game. Additionally, players can upgrade the Plasma Cutter and other gear at the Bench Upgrades, replicating another element of the original Dead Space in Fortnite.

Fortnite Dead Space Content

The Gaming Legends Series of Fortnite has seen an impressive lineup of game characters, including Kratos from God of War, Master Chief from Halo, Doom Slayer from Doom, and most recently Geralt from The Witcher. Now, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space has been added to the list of available skins for purchase, but only for a limited time. Anyone interested in this content should act quickly in order to obtain it.

It is uncertain when the Dead Space skins will be featured again in Fortnite. But, it has been speculated that the The Walking Dead skins will make a comeback in the battle royale soon, yet there has been no confirmation on the matter.

Fortnite can now be played on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X.

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