Details of the Last Opponent in Forspoken Emerge Online

This piece of writing reveals key details from Forspoken and should be read by those who have already experienced the game.

Ahead of its January 2023 launch, a video of Forspoken’s final boss battle has appeared on the internet. This is one of the most anticipated AAA games of the year, alongside other open-world installments such as Starfield, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

When Forspoken was announced there was a lot of excitement, yet the enthusiasm has since waned as Square Enix released its demo for the game on PS5 as an unexpected treat in December 2022, offering players a glimpse of the open world and the game’s mechanics. Now, the final boss from Forspoken has been revealed online, just before its official launch.

eXputer has made known a leak from a YouTube channel with a 20-minute video featuring the final boss and ending of Forspoken. The clip starts with a grand set piece, where the protagonist, Frey, is astride a dragon, slaying hordes of adversaries with its fire attack. Viewers then get a look at the skill tree of Forspoken, with the player at level 52 of the game.

No lack of showmanship during the boss battle as Frey utilized a great number of spells and abilities featured in Forspoken. Throughout the fight, she was taunting and jeering the boss as it proceeded through its various segments. The last cutscene appears to be the conclusion to Forspoken or at least a portion of it but could include other scenes not visible in the video.

Leaked footage from Forspoken has been floating around the internet, with the first hour of the game being accessible only a few days ago. Players ought to remember that the final boss encounter appears to be a much more cinematic affair than the open-world gameplay. Surprisingly, the video has not been taken down yet, given it has been available for a day now. Unauthorized leaks are rare in the gaming sector, and are usually swiftly taken offline.

Forspoken is scheduled to launch on January 24, 2023, for both the PS5 and PC platforms.

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