Latest Patch Notes Unveiled for Forspoken Update 1.04

Square Enix has recently released an update for Forspoken, which includes a set of patch notes detailing the changes, yet some gamers may be let down by the contents of Update 1.04. As the patch resolves some minor localization problems and other lesser bugs related to the game’s controls and settings, those suffering from major performance issues and bugs will have to wait for a later Forspoken update.

As one of the earliest AAA releases of 2023, the open world Square Enix adventure game Forspoken had a lot of anticipation and promotional buildup leading up to its release. However, the response to the game was mostly negative, with critics and gamers voicing complaints about problems such as dialogue, characters, gameplay, bugs, performance issues, and glitches. These issues led to a really low 1.7/10 user score on Metacritic, in contrast to the 63 Metascore from critics.

The recently released Forspoken 1.03 update did not contain many substantial changes and consisted primarily of PC-specific fixes that may leave PS5 gamers feeling frustrated that they had to go through the update process. The patch addressed technical issues on PC such as Xinput devices causing camera movement issues, FSR settings resetting unexpectedly, and problems with the PS5 DualSense controller.

Forspoken Update 1.04 Patch Notes

All versions of Forspoken have had a few adjustments, the majority of which concern the PC port. These changes are mainly text-associated, like an up-to-date font for Traditional/Simplified Chinese, modified system text when items are liberated, and system text linked to the mouse config update. Moreover, the patch contains general notes such as “various minor fixes” and “minor optimizations for certain features,” which could mean that those having difficulty could perhaps find a solution that has not been mentioned.

Earlier in April, the director of Forspoken pledged to provide a patch that could enhance the game’s graphics, performance, and playability, giving gamers hope that any issues they encounter will be resolved. Nevertheless, it looks improbable that the patch can lessen the high system requirements and large file size of the game. Forspoken ‘s system requirements remain significant.

Summary of Forspoken Update 1.04

This document provides the full patch notes for Forspoken Update 1.04.

Issues of a Technical Nature:

  • Resolved an issue in the PC version in which the camera would move unexpectedly when specific Xinput devices were employed as the controller.
  • A bug has been addressed where the FSR configuration reverted to the default Normal state upon relaunching the game when the FSR, DLSS, and 3D Resolution were adjusted to specific values (PC version).
  • The issue where the game displayed abnormal conduct when the DualSense Edge™ wireless controller of the PlayStation®5 was attached to a PC has been resolved (in the PC version).
  • A number of small corrections.

Updates to Features:

  • A different font has been employed for Traditional and Simplified Chinese written text.
  • The messaging that appears when particular items are unlocked has been revised.
  • Patch 1.03’s mouse configuration error resolution has been accompanied by a system text that is now available in all languages.
  • Making slight adjustments to certain elements.

Forspoken can now be played on both PC and PS5.

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