Developers who used to work on the Forza Horizon series are now creating a high-profile open-world game

It appears that Maverick Games has not yet established a website or developed a logo.

According to Game Industry, the founders of Playground Games and veteran developers have now established a new triple-A studio. Their debut project is an open-world game that is going to be available on consoles and PC. Maverick Games, based in Leamington Spa, is being led by Mike Brown, former creative director at Playground Games who was in charge of the Forza Horizon series. Tom Butcher (executive producer), Matt Craven (chief technology officer), Gareth Harwood (content director), and Fraser Strachan (audio director) are the other ex-Playground developers who are now a part of Maverick Games. Other team members from different studios are Harinder Sangha (COO), Ben Penrose (art director), and Elly Marshall (UX/UI director).

The studio currently has 10 members, but the number is expected to reach up to 140 for the development of the open-world triple-A project. Although no information has been revealed yet regarding the project, it looks like it will be a grandiose title. Brown told GI that he is more of an open-world guy than a driving guy, and the game will be AAA, premium, and have the ambition to get awards. It is assumed that the team is financially backed by a London-based investor, so they have the necessary funds to create what they are planning. Maverick Games is envisioned to be a place of creativity where people are encouraged to take risks and try new things, rather than following game development norms. As for when we will get an official announcement for the studio’s first title, it is yet to be determined. Maverick Games doesn’t seem to have a website or logo yet.

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