Players of Call of Duty Yearning for Return of Classic Attachment

Many devotees of past Call of Duty games are advocating for the reappearance of a classic gun accessory in the newer versions. With the yearly discharge of Call of Duty, features and weapons rotate with each iteration, so it can be hard to determine what will be included in the following game, no matter how much people liked it.

From the various ages of the Call of Duty series, several recollections have been imprinted in our minds; ranging from scenes that have become memes, to artfully designed setpieces, and even to moments within the game that reflects the power fantasy that they promote. This can be seen in both the single-player campaign and in the multiplayer mode, particularly by the array of weapons and attachments that can be considered overpowered.

The Tactical Knife, discussed by Reddit user chicken-master200, is a weapon attachment for pistols that enables the user to execute quicker melee attacks, usually resulting in swift kills. Despite its popularity with some fans, the developers of Call of Duty titles seem to have omitted it from the game, in contrast to the return of other well-remembered parts of the franchise such as Gun Game.

This post has received nearly 1,800 upvotes, with numerous user comments expressing their opinion on the Tactical Knife. These responses were diverse, with some agreeing that it should be reinstated, others suggesting that Call of Duty ‘s throwing knives could be a suitable replacement, and some even proposing to combine features from the Tactical Knife with throwing knives. Additionally, some users nostalgically reflected on the memories they had of using the attachment when it was available in the games.

There is a suggestion that, instead of a mainline Call of Duty installment this year, Modern Warfare 3 could be remastered. This has the potential to bring back weapons and attachments such as the Tactical Knife, given that the other two games in the trilogy have been released on modern platforms. If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is remastered with multiplayer, the Tactical Knife could be reintroduced, providing an opportunity to assess whether modern players would appreciate its return.

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