Mod for Fallout: New Vegas Introduces Stock Exchange to Mojave Wasteland

Players of Fallout: New Vegas can now join the stock market by means of a mod. Intended to be an extension of Fallout 3, Obsidian Entertainment’s 2010 title has been highly praised for its dark humor and excellent writing, which is why it’s still popular and being played today. This mod allows gamers to invest in various companies across the game’s expansive world.

The choices players make in Fallout: New Vegas can be quite taxing as they explore the Mojave wasteland in search of the perpetrator who attempted to end their life, while fighting against hazardous post-apocalyptic groups. What keeps the game in the limelight, aside from its adoration by many fans, is the fact that people are still creating mods for the game which is nearly 13 years old. Some modifications offer visual enhancements, bug fixes, or new quests, while others may be attractive to those who are fond of taking risks with stocks.

hman101, a user of Nexus Mods, has presented an updated version of their “The Mojave Stock Exchange” mod for Fallout: New Vegas. This mod enables players to take part in stock-trading in several companies in the desert region, including RobCo Industries, NCR War Bonds, The Van Graffs, and so on. Players can monitor their stocks with either the PipBoy or brokerage terminals, with the cost varying day-to-day. These prices can be impacted by finishing quests or the death of essential NPCs, making trading a riskier task.

The [Fallout] series is well-known for its bottle cap currency system, which uses metal caps from emptied soda bottles as a medium of exchange. These caps are usually acquired by completing quests, selling items, or scavenging, but hman101’s mod provides an extra way of getting them that city-lovers may find appealing.

Regretably, it is still uncertain if a sequel to the 2010 game will ever come to fruition. CEO of Obsidian has expressed enthusiasm for creating another Fallout title; however, due to the studio only ever having produced one Fallout title and Bethesda’s confirmation of Fallout 5 last year, it is unpredictable if fans will ever be able to enjoy another New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas can be played on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

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