Season 12 of Fallout 76 Commences with Mutant Invasion Update

The 12th season of Fallout 76 has arrived, bringing with it a cryptid theme and a range of rewards. Also, the seasonal challenges have been modified to make collecting the prizes easier. A new update for Fallout 76 was recently released, which includes tweaks to accessibility, bug fixes, performance enhancements and balance alterations.

When Bethesda initially released the much-anticipated title Fallout 76 in 2018, the game faced a wide range of criticism from players and critics for its numerous bugs and glitches. Bethesda, however, did not give up and continued to improve the game by taking into account the feedback from players. As a result, the title is now rated Mostly Positive on Steam after spending a year and a half with Mostly Negative and Mixed ratings.

A Double XP Event for Fallout 76 has been made available, starting on the 20th of January and running through to the 23rd.

Fallout 76, a live-service multiplayer title, utilizes a seasonal system to incentivize players to complete in-game challenges for exclusive rewards. The current season, dubbed “Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt,” is focused on the game’s mysterious cryptid creatures. The rewards for this season are mainly crypto-zoological, ranging from mothman lamps to hunter’s lodge C.A.M.P. designs. The season also offers some functional rewards, such as Rip Daring’s Jetpack, the Cold Shoulder shotgun, and the Daring Heavy Cryo Turret. This season will be active from February 28th to June 13th.

For the upcoming three weeks, Fallout 76 is holding its Mutation Invasion event alongside the launch of Season 12. Each hour the Public Events will be topped with one of the seven mutations from the Daily Ops rotation, with the promise of greater rewards and a possible rare plan. These mutations include Active Camouflage, which camouflages enemies when they are not attacking, Volatile which causes enemies to explode post-death, and Group Regeneration, which heals enemies when they are close to each other.

For those participating in Fallout 76’s seasons, there’s a generous amount of time to acquire all the rewards before June. Additionally, the seasonal challenges can be re-rolled once per day, which not only helps to get rid of unwanted ones, but also grants the potential to upgrade it to an Epic Challenge with more valuable rewards. Moreover, today’s patch has added several other changes and enhancements.

Here’s an Overview of the Patch Notes for Fallout 76’s Mutation Invasion Update

A Fresh Spin on Things: Mutation Invasion is Coming

For the past four years, Appalachia has gone through various transformations. While some of these transformations can be attributed to the effort of Project Clean Appalachia, others have been due to the everyday radiation exposure of the people living in the region, which is commonly known as “A Normal Day in the Wasteland.”

The beloved mutations which you have become familiar with through Daily Ops are now making their way into Public Events! Mutation Invasion will bring a heightened difficulty to Public Events, or make you adjust the way you play, however the rewards will be worth it.

  • From now until March 21st, a special Mutated Public Event will occur every hour on the hour.
  • These Mutated events will be marked with a special icon to differentiate them from regular Public Events.
  • Should you complete a Mutated Public Event, you will be rewarded with a Mutated Package as well as the regular rewards.
  • The following Public Events may take on a Mutated form during a Mutation Invasion: Test Your Metal, Moonshine Jamboree, Eviction Notice, Lode Baring, Guided Meditation, Swarm of Suitors, One Violent Night, Uranium Fever, Line in the Sand, and Heart of the Swamp.

Following the initial 3-week period of Mutation Invasion, the event will come back every two weeks, beginning at the start of the hour and lasting for a consecutive week.

It is important to remember that mutations can take many forms.

  • Explosions Upon Defeat: Opponents blow up when they die.
  • Invisibility: Bad guys are hidden when they aren’t attacking.
  • Indestructible: Only a melee attack can take them down.
  • Slowing Strike: On attack, targets are slowed down.
  • Poisonous Remnant: An enemy’s death leaves a poisonous puddle behind.
  • Mutual Healing: Foes in the same area heal one another.
  • Fast on their Feet: Boosts in movement and attack speed.

A mutated version of the Package reward has been released.

By finishing a Modified Public Activity, you will receive the regular event prizes, as well as extra currency and an extra reward.

An altered bundle of goods is what is known as a Mutated Package.

  • Mutations in Packs provide medication, utilities, ammunition, a Legendary item of 3 stars, and an opportunity for obtaining scarce plans which are dropped from other missions and activities!

Operating daily

We’ve spiced up the Daily Ops rotation by adding new locations, foes, rewards, and a fresh mutation to the Mutated Public Events.

  • A New Mutation: Reflective Skin
  • This mutation will cause enemies to go into a Reflective state that reflects some of the damage done to them.
  • This mutation will also be featured in Mutated Public Events.
  • Aliens will be a new Encounter group.
  • Locations that will be added are:
  • Charleston Capitol Building
  • Garrahan Mining Headquarters
  • Morgantown High School
  • New rewards have been added to Daily Ops; these include Floater Tubes (Gnasher, Freezer, and Flamer Variant), Hot Rod Handmade Skin, Flatwoods Monster Tube, Deep-Space Alien Power Armor skin and Jetpack.

In Season 12, viewers were taken on a journey with Rip Daring and his Cryptid Hunt.

Rip Daring is a one-of-a-kind Big Game Cryptid Hunter, undaunted by the unknown creatures he faces. This season, join him and his companions, the faithful Mr. Handy, Percival, and Nurse Guinevere, as they embark on thrilling and hazardous journeys.

Achieving Fresh Awards

  • Cryptid Treasures: Adorn your home with a range of Power Armor Paints and other Cryptid inspired items this season.
  • Bring in a Friend: Invite Brother Steven to your C.A.M.P. and receive the Mothman’s blessing.
  • Decorations: Construct your own Hunter’s Cabin with the Hunter’s Throne or show off your Steins with the Taxidermy Bear Stein Display.

Try Again!

  • With the Re-Roller, you can swap out your Daily or Weekly Challenge.
  • Every day, you can re-roll one Challenge without cost.
  • Possessors of Fallout 1st can receive an extra free re-roll each day, giving a total of two free re-rolls.
  • Challenge Re-Rolls may also be procured for free from the Season board or purchased from the Atomic Shop.
  • By re-rolling a Challenge, there is a chance for it to become an Epic Challenge, granting better rewards upon its completion.

Modifications and Enhancements to the Design

Apart from the expansion of content, we have also incorporated design transformations to enhance your gaming experience.

The ability to approach or utilize something is known as Accessibility.

  • A new “Enable Camera Shaking” option can now be found in the “Display” section of the settings. It will be enabled by default.

The general concept of design is what is being discussed here.

  • Reviving: When people are given new life thanks to abilities like Mysterious Savior and the Life Savings Legendary armor mod, they experience a healing effect from the item used for the revival.
  • Rifles: Radium Rifles now have a higher likelihood of learning mods when being broken down.


  • Stash Boxes: An additional Stash box has been added to multiple Public Events; Radiation Rumble, Scorched Earth, Lode Baring, Guided Meditation, Swarm of Suitors, One Violent Night, Uranium Fever, Line in the Sand, Heart of the Swamp, and A Colossal Problem
  • Enemies: Changes have been made to the enemy spawning and pathing behavior during Public Events.
  • Heart of the Swamp: Improvements and difficulty increases have been made to enemy waves.
  • Line in the Sand: The high frequency element of the alarm sound has been removed.
  • One Violent Night: The initial Emergency broadcast message has been reduced on repeat playthroughs, and the event commences after activating the jukebox, instead of entering the beer house. Additionally, a task to fix or turn on the jukebox when it is broken or switched off has been included.
  • Performance : Various performance upgrades have been applied to Public Events.
  • Swarm of Suitors: Additional enemy waves have been added and the allotted time to complete them has been increased. The minibosses have been upgraded and given distinct names.
  • Uranium Fever: An issue preventing the highest tier rewards from dropping has been fixed, and the reward tiers have been made visible in the objective text. Moreover, objective markers have been included for Mole Miner Supervisors.

Variations in genetic sequence caused by alterations in a gene or chromosome are referred to as mutations.

  • The magnitude of the initial slow effect of Freezing Touch has been increased and its duration has been shortened. No longer are tiers of it stacking. This alteration makes the mutation feel more responsive (hitting quicker and wearing off faster when out of the line of fire), and also makes it useful when dealing with melee enemies, which previously could not be affected by Freezing Touch.
  • The Resilient Mutation can now be finished off with Throwing Weapons and Pain Train.
  • Volatile explosions can now affect destructible objects.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are entities in video or computer games that are controlled by the game’s algorithms, rather than by a human player.

  • Merchants on the Move: Depending on the area, certain travelling vendors are now offering formulas for creating Healing Salve.

The year passes through four distinct periods, commonly referred to as the seasons.

  • Challenges : The Daily Gold Star Challenge has had its SCORE reward upped from 500 to 1000.
  • Challenges : To qualify for the Daily Gold Star Challenge, the number of Daily Challenges that must be completed has gone up from 5 to 6.
  • Challenges : The amount of finished Daily Gold Star Challenges needed to receive the Weekly Gold Star Challenge has increased from 1 to 3.
  • SCORE: All Daily and Weekly Challenges have been adjusted to provide a more consistent SCORE.


  • The Daily Scrip Limit has been augmented from 300 to 500
  • The maximum amount of Scrip that can be held in the Scrip Wallet has been increased from 5000 to 6000.

Repairs and Enhancements

  • The texture of the Chainsaw has been adjusted when the Flamer mod is attached.

Fallout 76 can be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as of now.

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