Riot Games has officially issued an apology due to the poor reception of their recently released cinematic for the League of Legends video game.

Riot declared that it will still be investing in League of Legends and that the game has a great future, but that it “should have been more open about its plans, which might have decreased some of the speculations.” In addition, Riot is intending to provide players with more details on its investment in League of Legends “in the upcoming few days.”

The current season of League of Legends has started, but the cinematic trailer that was intended to get players excited for the year to come backfired. Developer Riot Games has admitted this trailer “missed the mark”. Every year since 2018, Riot has released an amazing cinematic to begin each new season of League of Legends. However, this season’s trailer, entitled The Brink of Infinity, has not been well-received. Previous trailers showcased epic fights, stunning landscapes of the game’s universe, and an opportunity to see many of the iconic characters in a fresh light.

This year’s cinematic, on the other hand, is simply a two-minute flythrough of the map with a voiceover. Fans pointed out the contrast between this year’s cinematic and the ones from prior years, and they were not shy about expressing their disappointment. This prompted Riot to address the issue in a series of tweets. Citing “unprecedented circumstances”, Riot said that they had taken an “alternate approach to the Season 2023 video” which they thought would honor the League of Legends universe and the game’s competitive spirit. They admitted that they had not met the expectations of fans, who were expecting an “action-packed, champion-led trailer”.

League of Legends is a major source of revenue for Riot, so it’s unlikely that they are abandoning the game. Some fans are concerned about investments in the game, citing a lack of content and quality skins. Riot clarified that they are still investing in League of Legends, and will provide more information about their investments in the next few days. They also said that they should have been more communicative about the situation, which may have prevented speculation about the game’s future.

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