A Battle Royale Mode with a Maximum of 40 Players is Being Added to Evil Dead: The Game

Sony has announced that Evil Dead: The Game will be part of their PlayStation Plus offering in February, and developer Saber Interactive has released a major update for the game, including a new battle royale mode titled Splatter Royale! Additionally, a new DLC pack for Evil Dead: The Game is also now available, offering more content for players.

The launch of Evil Dead: The Game has been far from smooth sailing since it was released in May 2022 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. While its initial sales were noteworthy, questions have been raised about its post-launch success. It’s not on Steam, so the exact player total is unknown, but streaming platforms have seen a decline in viewers. Still, a PlayStation Plus launch could provide the game with a fresh opportunity, especially with a new battle royale mode.

The newest edition to Evil Dead: The Game is Splatter Royale!, which is available to all owners of the game as a free update. In this mode, users can choose from the variety of Survivors and Demons that were previously released, along with any DLC characters. The goal, like other battle royales, is to be the last one standing by looting for weapons and defeating other players. Although this battle royale is similar, the size is much smaller with only 40 players.

The new update of the Evil Dead: The Game also unveiled a DLC pack titled the Immortal Power pack, available to purchase for $9.99. This DLC pack offers a range of items, and the most noteworthy is the inclusion of the Survivor Ruby Knowby from the STARZ series Ash vs. Evil Dead, voiced by Lucy Lawless of Xena fame. Additionally, the Splatter Royale! mode was launched.

Evil Dead The Game

The Immortal Power DLC for Evil Dead: The Game is priced at $9.99 and comes with four Outfits. These include Kelly’s “Scourge of Evil”, Pablo’s “Fish n’ Chips”, Ash vs. Evil Dead’s “Party Animal”, and the Puppeteer Demon’s “King of the White Frost”. This bundle is a great value for fans of the game.

The fate of Evil Dead: The Game will likely be determined by the reaction to the new DLC and the PlayStation Plus launch. It is available on the PS4 and PS5 for all PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium members, and the battle royale mode, Splatter Royale!, is now out for PS Plus subscribers. If this influx of players and the new mode leads to thriving success, then Evil Dead: The Game should have a positive outlook for the coming year.

Evil Dead: The Game is available for purchase on multiple platforms like PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Moreover, a version for the Switch is currently in development.

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