Tarkov’s Troubles: An Update Regarding the Cheating Controversy

An update has been released concerning the Escape from Tarkov cheating controversy. This comes after one fan’s research revealed that in approximately 60% of all matches, there were players utilizing cheating practices.

Escape from Tarkov was launched in 2017, and the process of improvement has been continuing since then. Though there were some difficulties, such as the recent prohibition of Battlestate Games by Twitch, on the whole, the game has seen a steady flow of fresh content. At present, there is no indication of when the game will be finalized and released, with no date declared by the developer.

Nikita Buyanov, the head of Battlestate Games, recently posted to Reddit on behalf of the entire company regarding the cheating update in Escape from Tarkov. He claimed that thousands of cheaters are banned each day and stated that the systems for catching and prohibiting cheaters are regularly updated. The gaming community is well aware of the major cheating issue plaguing Escape from Tarkov, and it has the potential to be damaging for the future of the game if this is not addressed before its release from early access.

The responses to Buyanov’s update in the thread were overwhelmingly negative, with users pointing out the similarity in wording to other updates over the past three years. A common suggestion for improving the anti-cheat system was to add a mobile phone verification step, which has already been implemented in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This would act as an extra measure to prevent cheating and would be a good place for Escape from Tarkov to start as they look for a new approach to combating cheating.

At present, Escape from Tarkov is facing a precarious situation due to the prevalence of cheating. This title offers a remarkable, well-crafted survival-shooter experience, and it has the capacity to expand and evolve over time. However, the game’s punishing death system could lead to players becoming discouraged. As of now, the only way to purchase the game is through the developer’s website, which means it hasn’t been exposed to the full potential of its audience. If the game were to be released on Steam or the console, there could be a resurgence of players. Thus, while some may be leaving the game, there could be a great many more joining.

Escape From Tarkov is currently in early access and can be found on the PC platform.

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