Elden Ring: Why You Should Never Let Your Guard Down in Games [+Surprising Ending]

One hapless player of Elden Ring discovered that a moment of distraction while battling Rykard could be costly. Elden Ring is renowned as a harsh game with harsh boss fights, where gamers go up against some of the toughest beings in the Lands Between. These battles challenge players to bring their A-game, requiring accuracy, tactics, and an in-depth comprehension of each Elden Ring boss’s special powers.

Occasionally, gamers may experience a hard lesson in the form of an unpleasant situation due to not being watchful enough. Elden Ring is a game that constantly challenges players, and even those who are experienced can be taken by surprise by seemingly minor errors. Recently, one such unfortunate incident was shared, which demonstrates the importance of staying alert while playing.

A recent montage of Elden Ring revealed how the equipment and skills of the protagonist alters between the first boss battle and the final encounter. Have a Look at a Montage Showing How Gear and Builds Change Through Elden Ring

The video shared by Objective-Power2228 features a fight between the player and Rykard, a major boss from Elden Ring. He was once the ruler of Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir and became infamous for his cruel acts and was eventually devoured by a great serpent. This boss had a very powerful sorcery, known as Rykard’s Rancor, and after an intense fight, the player manages to defeat him and proceeds to the Site of Grace. However, Elden Ring is known for punishing those who are complacent and this time is no exception, as the player has neglected to replenish their health.

In a cruel twist of fate, the player is suddenly struck by a lingering skull, which is a possible remnant of Rykard’s Rancor sorcery, and subsequently explodes due to their low health. This occurs during Rykard’s death dialogue, where he states “A Serpent never dies” and then laughs, serving as a reminder to Elden Ring gamers to remain vigilant and prepared even after vanquishing a formidable boss.

This story serves as the foundation for the virtual battle, bestowing extra importance to the player’s confrontation with Rykard. Objective-Power2228’s video, however, reveals gamers should never be too comfortable even after overcoming the formidable Elden Ring foe. Those who venture into the expansive and treacherous Lands Between, or come up against powerful Elden Ring bosses, must be vigilant and never underestimate the ordeals they may face.

Elden Ring can now be experienced on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.