Elden Ring Video: Cleanrot Knights’ Brutality

A Elden Ring video has presented the harshness of Cleanrot Knights. This game is renowned for its demanding play, complex narrative, and relentless enemies. Gamers go up against some of the most vicious adversaries in The Lands Between, such as Rotten Stray, Banished Knights, Stormveil Warhawks, Revenant, and of course, Cleanrot Knights.

The Cleanrot Knights are a formidable force, serving Malenia, Blade of Miquella and have become an iconic encounter amongst Elden Ring gamers. These towering warriors can be found at multiple locations in the game and are equipped with a thrusting sword, spear or scythe. In a recent video, their ruthless nature was made clear as not even a plea for mercy could stop them.

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Esbidee, a Reddit user, posted a video that demonstrates the brutality of the Cleanrot Knights in the well-known action RPG game. The video captures a scene in which Esbidee is invading another Elden Ring player’s universe and engaging in a fight with the host player. When a Cleanrot Knight arrives at the scene, the host player is put at a considerable disadvantage. To stay alive, the host makes a desperate attempt to plead for mercy by using the “Grovel for Mercy” gesture.

Despite the host’s request to stop the attack, the Cleanrot Knight from Elden Ring shows no mercy, mercilessly taking the life of the player in a powerful display of the ruthlessness that these Knights possess. The video serves as an illustration of the uncompromising brutality of the Cleanrot Knights, who will not hesitate to end a life, regardless of the circumstances.

Discussions have been stirred up in the Elden Ring fan base in the wake of the incident, with many gamers expressing astonishment and shock at the Cleanrot Knight’s hard-heartedness. Some have heaped praise on the game’s AI for its realistic depiction, while others have recounted their own harrowing encounters with these powerful adversaries. Additionally, the video brings to light the unpredictable nature of Elden Ring ‘s multiplayer features, where sudden invasions and alliances can lead to unexpected results.

Esbidee’s Reddit post revealed the oppressive atmosphere of Elden Ring, with the Cleanrot Knights becoming particularly infamous for their relentlessness. This was demonstrated in their refusal to show mercy when presented with an appeal.

Elden Ring can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X/S.