A Player of Elden Ring Uncovers a Shock in Siofra River Well

One Elden Ring gamer was amazed to come across something unexpected in the region of Siofra River Well. This game is home to a massive open world, with aspects ranging from the icy Mountaintops of The Giants, to the treacherous terrain of Caelid and the picturesque Liurnia of The Lakes. It is designed to encourage players to traverse unexplored areas, and the starting point is Limgrave which is composed of valleys, shallow rivers and Mistwood’s thick forests.

Exploring into the Mistwood, players of Elden Ring will come across a structure called the Siofra River Well in the forest’s center. This building acts as the entrance to the new subterranean area of the same name and is not needed for the main storyline, but is a key component for the side quests of certain NPCs like Ranni The Witch and Blaidd. Players must take the lift inside the well to reach this underground region and continue their journey. Typically, the lift is free from enemies, but one Elden Ring fan has had a different experience.

While riding the lift in the Siofra River Well from Elden Ring, Reddit user crispixel had a frightful experience. They uploaded a video to the Elden Ring subreddit, which depicted the main character descending in the lift. Suddenly, after a few seconds, a bear plummeted on top of them, much like a jump scare from a horror movie. Fortunately, the bear was killed from the fall damage, but its deathly howl only added to the already terrifying atmosphere.

An image is presented depicting a person with a laptop in front of them. They appear to be using the laptop, likely for work or leisure.

Fortunately, crispixel emerged unscathed from this experience, but it was apparent from the video title that the individual was quite frightened. The Elden Ring Reddit community felt for the original poster, while some questioned what would have taken place had the bear not perished. A few users humorously suggested that Elden Ring participants should seek legal action against FromSoftware due to what occurred in the video. The video from crispixel serves as a reminder that Elden Ring adventurers must maintain a vigilant attitude while traversing The Lands Between.

The video clip potentially shows a bear who had tracked the player from its natural environment in Mistwood nearby and then tumbled through the gap in the elevator, providing a spectacular display. In addition to Mistwood in Limgrave, bears are present in a few other spots in Elden Ring, such as the Weeping Peninsula, Moonlight Altar, Altus Plateau, and the Capital Outskirts. These bears aren’t as intimidating as Runebears, but they can still be a menace to players with lower HP.

The much anticipated Elden Ring is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X/S.

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