Streamer Utilizes Brain Signals to Control Their Playthrough of Elden Ring

A Twitch streamer coupled their brain to an EEG imaging apparatus to play Elden Ring by using their mind to control the character. By using sensor pads that collected electrical signals from the brain, they managed to map the activity to the controls in the game.

The Guinness Book of World Records has a category for playing Dark Souls with different controller types and it would have to extend the list to include Elden Ring if it is considered a separate controller. A streamer who set up the EEG for the game has a Master’s in Psychology focusing on vision. The pads connected to her head read her brain signals, though they must be kept wet with saline to remain effective. Not all of the controls have been identified yet, however she trained her brain to recognize patterns and attached them to the attack key.

Jake Lucky tweeted about Perrikaryal, a Twitch streamer in her twenties who has a Bluetooth brain scanner that she uses with coding and binds to games. On her stream, Perrikaryal sometimes displays the scan in real-time while playing different games such as horror, so fans can witness her brain’s reactions to fear. In Elden Ring, she still operates the thumbstick and presses buttons, but her brain is the one issuing the commands for attacking.

Perrikaryal disclosed during the stream that the tech isn’t perfect. At times, it would fire off without her intending it or fail to work when she needs it to. However, it is proficient enough to prevail over bosses. She has conquered Godrick the Grafted and Margit but is now having difficulty with Renala, as the first phase of the boss calls for frequent and timely attacks, which the EEG does not perform well at. She suggests that the best way to activate the attack is to imagine pushing something heavy forward in a slow manner.

It is yet to be determined if EEG streaming will be as widespread as Twitch streaming with eye trackers. The potential for the next level of interactive content may give viewers insight into a person’s brain activity in response to diverse media and video games.

Elden Ring can be experienced on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One Series X/S platforms.

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