Elden Ring Players Show Off Dance Moves During Duel in Colosseum

A dueler in Elden Ring‘s Colosseum decided to display their dancing prowess rather than fight, using curved swords as props. As part of the Elden Ring free DLC, the Colosseum was added as a special location in which to participate in arena fights. These matches need quick thinking and careful strategy to emerge victorious.

Competition in Elden Ring tends to be taken very seriously, even though there are no tangible incentives for winning or penalties for losing. Winning a duel requires patience and familiarity with the various builds, spells, and weaponry the game has to offer. It is possible to find pre-made builds optimized for Elden Ring to gain an edge on the opposition. The tradition of duels and invasions has been a staple in FromSoftware games since Demon Souls, and Elden Ring carries on that custom. There are also certain customs associated with dueling, like bowing or emoting to the other player before a fight and steering clear of using flasks, though these rules are often disregarded. Despite the seriousness with which many players take the duels, others take part in them simply to demonstrate their own builds or to interact with the community in a fun way.

"Let me Dance Her"
by u/AstralKnightMage in Eldenring

AstralKnightMage, a Elden Ring player, recently posted a video to Reddit of them performing a dance-like attack with a flowing curved sword. This weapon is one of a few that have a distinct moveset, setting it apart from others in the same class. AstralKnightMage began the attack by bowing to the opponent and then activated the sword’s unique charged heavy attack. The set of strikes looked like a dance and the adversary noticed this and moved away to watch the performance. To end the show, the Reddit user completed the scene with an emote, which was met with applause from the spectator. Here is the link to the Reddit video.

The Elden Ring subreddit has seen a surge in popularity for a video, since it has earned more than 1000 upvotes within five hours. The post has elicited many comments and compliments for the player’s dancing ability, as well as admiration for the non-verbal communication skills players have developed through emotes and messages – a skill that many Elden Ring supporters value highly (Gamerant.com).

This dance is one instance of the various forms in which the Elden Ring community interacts with each other. Whether it’s dancing, crafting builds, or simply conversing in a jocular manner, the game has been made even more enjoyable by the players. Although for some the duels are taken seriously, it’s important to remember that Elden Ring is a game that should be enjoyed in whatever way people desire.

The latest installment of Elden Ring is now playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.