Exploring the Effectiveness of Death Blight in Player-vs-Player Combat with a Player of Elden Ring

An Elden Ring PVP enthusiast has recently demonstrated a crafty way of successfully employing Death Blight versus unsuspecting adversaries. As is typical of most “SoulsBorne” titles, there is an intense PVP atmosphere in Elden Ring where strategies such as this can be a deciding factor in a fight.

Since the introduction of Elden Ring, gamers have been constantly finding inventive ways to play the game. Utilizing the Carian Slicer to defeat every boss and discovering how to uncover hidden illusory walls in the Catacombs are just two examples of how the game continues to evolve. FromSoftware’s titles have always been known for their intricate lore and intense combat, giving these “SoulsBorne” series games an extended life. With layers of complexity in both the lore and combat, players have been able to uncover powerful PVP strategies and triumph in the game in other unique ways.

Reddit user Neukbare-Nina, an Elden Ring player, has shared a strategy to their fellow gamers. The post depicts the player in Ranni’s Rise summoning a friend who uses the “spread out” emote to hide behind some crystals, followed by calling in invaders and luring them up a stairwell. At the top of the stairs, Neukbare-Nina drinks Ironjar Aromatic to enhance their physical damage negation by 40%, and then casts Fia’s Mist into the stairway with their friend coming from behind to offer the same effect. This trapping technique allows the Death Sorcery to cause instant death, similar to a humiliating defeat of Malenia. Generally, as Fia’s Mist is a powerful spell, the slow build-up of Death Blight and the chance to move around freely in the expansive Elden Ring world would make avoiding it possible.

PVP players often utilize trolling tactics, such as Neukbare-Nina’s post “How to ruin people’s day with Death Blight”, which showcases how the Elden Ring environment can be used to deceive and defeat invaders. Commentators on the post noted the various bugs that were present in the game at launch, and how these were utilized for potent tactics in PVP.

One person commented that they relish the challenge of trying to construct their Death Blight meter in opposition to their adversaries while using a “Death Build”. Neukbare-Nina’s devilish video may lend insight in this regard. To commemorate the first anniversary, FromSoftware has plans to host an Elden Ring anniversary event that will include a PVP portion, which could provide players with more opportunities to utilize their favorite strategies and builds.

Elden Ring is available for purchase on PC, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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