Elder Ring PvP Gamer Has Ideal Concealing Spot in Lake of Decay

Elden Ring’s Player vs Player (PVP) mode still appears to be full of imaginative ideas after a participant located the perfect secret spot in the game’s Lake of Rot. Just like the freedom to explore all areas, adopt any build, and attack anyone, the PVP in Elden Ring offers lots of chances for creativity in the vast open world of The Lands Between. There is so much available, it almost operates as a sandbox, with gamers taking advantage of every inch of it to their benefit.

Ranni is the character who has the most popular ending success in the game Elden Ring. To get this, along with the Dark Moon Greatsword, a chain of quests must be completed, which contain multiple bosses, new places, and interactions with characters. Of these, the Lake of Rot is the most notorious; a large room full of Scarlet Rot and scarce stone platforms that players have to traverse through in order to move forward, making it a dangerous voyage.

A Reddit user known as GaelTheVapeMaster chose this spot to their benefit and posted a video to r/Eldenring to demonstrate their trick. The invader used a magical item called the Mimic’s Veil, which transformed them into an object from the area. In this specific instance, the invader disguised themselves as a coffin, situated near a pillar, and waited until two players came closer to it. As soon as the players neared the coffin, it suddenly vanished and the invader appeared in its place, ready to launch an attack.

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The ambusher in [Elden Ring] was victorious, as they were equipped with two Starscourge Greatswords. This weapon can be obtained by trading in Radahn’s remembrance and has the Starcaller Cry ability, which draws enemies in. The element of surprise and the Starcaller Cry were used to quickly eliminate the two players, as the invader used a large burst attack to finish them off.

The unpredictability of Elden Ring’s player-versus-player (PVP) can cause a range of different experiences. Some players take a more peaceful approach, such as wandering around the map, while others go for the more creative route of setting up traps. The game’s PVP freedom is what makes it so enjoyable to watch and play. Even if some deaths can be aggravating, moments like what a Reddit user did – a clever win – will typically be amusing due to its cleverness.

Elden Ring can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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