Mod Transforms Elden Ring Into MMORPG

Elden Ring players now have the opportunity to get their hands on the most ambitious mod this game has seen yet, which is heavily influenced by some of the classic MMORPGs including World of Warcraft. This complete overhaul of FromSoftware’s classic RPG is accompanied by a range of free expansion packs, and it works well with other custom mods.

Not long after the announcement of Elden Ring’s DLC, some players are already wanting to dive into the game with new content. Nevertheless, FromSoftware will need some time to refine and perfect their upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion pack and that is where the sizeable community of the game can come in and lend a hand.

Recently, a player of the anticipated game, Elden Ring, encountered a friendly canine while playing. The surprise discovery was made while they were exploring the game’s world.

The mod “Eldenlands” for the game Elden Ring, constructed by Muugiboy, is a complete overhaul of nearly every area of the original game. Taking ideas from MMORPGs, Muugiboy has modified virtually every aspect of the game to create a new experience. Included in the redesign are the starting classes, status effects, summoning, and more. Also included are brand-new features, such as the True Damage system, attack reactions, and the ability to equip certain parts of the Elden Ring.

It is feasible to go through Muugiboy’s “Eldenlands” alone, however, the mod is enhanced when combined with Elden Ring’s “Seamless Co-Op” mod. The mod consists of a full remake of Elden Ring with MMORPG leanings, thus, increasing the number of participants in the “Eldenlands” experience links it in a unique way that would not be achievable by playing solo. Additionally, Muugiboy has confirmed that upcoming raids will be included in “Eldenlands”, which implies that multiplayer gaming on servers will be the best way to enjoy the game in the future.

In regards to the “Eldenlands” mod, it does not necessarily focus on lore. As only FromSoftware can answer questions about the lore of Elden Ring, Muugiboy is presenting their mod to provide a total gameplay retrofit as a standalone offshoot. Furthermore, “Eldenlands” will include a unique feature in the future, where players will be able to take control of Melina and fight against their own Tarnished player avatar as a final boss.

It’s hard, to sum up all the alterations that “Eldenlands” offers concisely, but the mod is a great option for players who are seeking a novel approach to playing Elden Ring. Muugiboy has created a video guiding viewers through the installation process, making it easier and faster to set up. Those who take the plunge are sure to be entertained for hours on end.

It is possible to acquire Elden Ring now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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