Weapons and Armor from RuneScape Included in Elden Ring Mod

A new mod for Elden Ring has included several elements from Old School RuneScape, creating a connection between FromSoftware’s RPG and Jagex’s MMORPG. The mod Elden Ring brings the two games together.

Although the modding community for Elden Ring is not as large as other RPGs, the game is still fairly new and has the potential to grow in the future. Nevertheless, the mods that do exist are created by the most passionate fans, some of which are particularly impressive. For instance, one mod adds Pokemon to the game, giving players the ability to call upon them during the game’s more challenging fights. How far the Elden Ring modding community will go is yet to be seen, but the early indications are hopeful.

User Lordcobra12 uploaded a mod to Nexus Mods which adds some celebrated pieces of RuneScape apparel to Elden Ring. Among the items are a full Bandos set, an Abyssal Tentacle, Dragon Claws and Boots, and a Fire Cape. This comes with a cost, however, as some of the base game armor gets supplanted. For instance, the Bandos set takes the spot of the Night’s Cavalry Set and the Abyssal Tentacle stands in for the Thorned Whip. RuneScape aficionados may be inclined to make the trade-off.

Elden Ring RuneScape

It is clear that the mod is not suitable with the extensive lore of Elden Ring, but many players would not be bothered. If players of Elden Ring can accept Thomas the Tank Engine being put into the game, it is impossible to stop the inclusion of RuneScape. Interestingly, the models have not been taken directly from RuneScape, but rather have been adapted by the mod author to match Elden Ring’s style. On the Nexus Mods page, Lordcobra12 mentioned that he is intending to port Skyrim armor sets to Elden Ring in the future, so there is more to expect.

Upon its release, Elden Ring made a huge impact and shattered FromSoftware’s pre-existing sales records. This success led to the announcement of the first expansion for Elden Ring: “Shadow of the Erdtree.” There is no date available yet for the expansion, but hopefully players don’t need to wait a long time. With most of the FromSoftware team devoted to the upcoming Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, it’s uncertain when players can expect to hear about a possible sequel to Elden Ring or another Soulslike game.

Elden Ring can now be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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