Elden Ring Invader Uses Clever Elevator Trick to Defeat Multiple Hosts

An inventive Elden Ring gamer has discovered an effortless technique involving an elevator to defeat numerous Furled Finger adversaries. A massive portion of Elden Ring’s charm is its multiplayer functionality, which offers cooperative and competitive activities for players to explore. One of the most thrilling aspects of Elden Ring ‘s multiplayer is its player-versus-player (PvP) invasions, in which gamers take on the role of attackers, attempting to impede the progression of others in their realms.

Elden Ring presents a unique challenge with the addition of invasions from hostile players. These battles can be intense, with each participant relying on their abilities and plans to outwit and triumph over their adversaries. During these moments, participants can demonstrate their aptitude of the game and the wily strategies they have created to conquer their foes.

It appears that Elden Ring has a clip that displays how fall damage is not logical.

Recently, a video uploaded by user OmegaAceGames on Reddit has been capturing the attention of fans of the game Elden Ring. The video features the player taking an elevator, which moves across different platforms where three Furled Finger players are standing. OmegaAceGames then demonstrates a clever tactic to defeat each of these adversaries.

OmegaAceGames utilizes the Starcaller Cry ability from Elden Ring to execute a creative strategy as they reach a platform with a Furled Finger participant. As a special skill in Elden Ring, Starcaller Cry is only accessible with the Starscourge Greatsword weapon. This technique allows players to combine their swords together and bellow into the air, forming a gravitational wave that drags in adversaries. The attack pushes the opponent off the platform, causing them to meet their demise. This approach is repeated for each opponent on the various platforms, demonstrating the invader’s intelligence and mastery of the game.

The clip released by OmegaAceGames not only illustrates the creative and tactical abilities that can be used by players when participating in Elden Ring’s multiplayer invasions, it also serves as an admonition to be prepared to encounter adversaries that have concocted unforeseen strategies to gain the advantage. This video provides evidence of the abundant and ever-changing multiplayer action available in Elden Ring, with the shrewd elevator trick to overcome many hosts simply being one of the numerous imaginative approaches players can adopt during their invasions.

Now available for play on PC, Elden Ring can also be experienced on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.