Elden Ring-Inspired Beer: Pennsylvania Brewery’s New Creation

Free Will Brewing, a brewer located in Pennsylvania, is introducing a new beer, labelled “Rise Tarnished,” in honor of the popular video game, Elden Ring. This Hazy India Pale Ale consists of a singularly crafted mix of three hop varieties, meant to embody the intrigue of Elden Ring’s environment. The name itself is derived from one of Elden Ring’s most noted quotes.

The immense popularity of Elden Ring in 2022 speaks of its ability to cross cultural boundaries. This success was not achieved without taking cues from its predecessors, which include RuneQuest, Game of Thrones, and Berserk, as well as Greek and Roman mythology, Legend of Zelda, and Lord of the Rings. People inspired by the game’s boundless world have furthered its reach to new platforms.

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A Elden Ring enthusiast, nosleeptilldeath, revealed a photograph of the grand packaging for the craft beer inspired by the game on Reddit. Due to their love for the gaming world, nosleeptilldeath proposed the notion of a Elden Ring themed beer to the Free Will Brewery, where they are employed. After testing a number of designs, the brewery eventually chose one that resembles the vanguard starting class in Elden Ring, which fans of the game will recognize. Nevertheless, none of the game’s symbols or features is employed in the picture, apart from the slogan “Rise Tarnished.” This commitment from the brewery to craft a genuine Elden Ring-inspired beer is a demonstration of the game’s influence on popular culture and its potential to motivate creative projects outside the gaming realm.

The beer created to honor Elden Ring is a Hazy India Pale Ale with a 6.8% ABV. It has drawn the attention of gamers and beer enthusiasts in Pennsylvania, and many have asked where it can be purchased. The exclusive brew is only available in select Pennsylvania tap rooms and for shipping within the state. Its official release today has made fans of Elden Ring and craft beer alike excited to sample the unique taste and packaging.

Free Will Brewing’s “Rise Tarnished” Hazy IPA has become a noteworthy addition to the craft beer and video game worlds. It’s evident that Elden Ring inspired not just this ale but also a variety of other creative works. At the moment, it’s only accessible in certain areas of Pennsylvania, yet the enthusiasm that has emerged around its launch speaks to the cultural influence of the game. It will be interesting to observe if other breweries will take after Free Will and devise their own gaming-themed libations.

Elden Ring is now playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X/S.