Elden Ring Fan Creates Hand-Painted Chess Set Based on the Game

Enthusiastic Elden Ring devotees are plentiful, but one fan has crafted an astounding chess set inspired by this renowned action-adventure RPG. The remarkable artwork is sure to blow away many people who have played Elden Ring; even those who have yet to take part in the game.

The action adventure RPG Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, has quickly become one of the most popular titles in its genre. High praises from both gamers and critics have solidified its status as a masterpiece in the gaming world. In the year since its release, an ever-expanding fan base has formed and continues to grow with new players joining the Lands Between each day. To express their admiration for the game, some fans have even gone as far as to create unique tributes, such as one player recently did.

GreenyRepublic, a Reddit user, created an amazing, hand-painted chess set with the inspiration of Elden Ring. This artwork is truly remarkable and has several figures recognizable to many fans. Even those who don’t play chess can’t help but be amazed at the effort and detail that went into this piece.

Hand-painted resin-printed Elden Ring Chess Set
by u/GreenyRepublic in Eldenring

GreenyRepublic crafted an amazing Elden Ring artwork, a unique gift for a privileged friend. Its featured characters include Marika and Rennala as queens, Turtle Pope as the bishop, Godfrey and Radagon as the kings, and Tree Sentinel as the knight. Sadly, this one-of-a-kind set is not available for purchase, but its exclusivity makes it incredibly special. Link to the artwork.

The Elden Ring fanbase is full of talented individuals, and this chess set is just another example of the wonderful works of art created by its community. Since Elden Ring is considered to be one of the best modern games, it is no wonder that players are motivated to express their admiration for the RPG in various creative ways. Whether it be through illustration, crochet, or painting, these fan-made pieces of art are a testament to how special this game is and how much it means to many gamers.

Elden Ring can be obtained now on several platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.