Elden Ring Fan Animation: Why Mages are Better [Games]

An enthusiastic admirer of Elden Ring showed how much they care for the game by making a charming animation of a boss fight with a wizard. Elden Ring supplies players with stunning moments and colossal bosses. Its dungeons are especially immersive, captivating players in the enigmatic world of the Lands Between. The tough difficulty and continuous peril render the game with a somber atmosphere.

Although Elden Ring is quite serious, it is still possible to find moments of levity within it. It could be something as simple as goofing around with other Tarnished in a cooperative setting, or discovering a dead body that is oddly performing a glitched dance. Then, there are other unexpected, strange experiences you can have with a non-player character. These moments of humor and joy are often what stand out most in a game that is mostly filled with danger and unease.

A Elden Ring enthusiast identified as MOo0stafa posted a humorous animation to Reddit that featured a meeting with the intimidating Mohg, Lord of Blood. A delightfully-drawn character invites a different player to help them before the fog door of Mohg. The video then transitions to a humorous shot of the boss casually sipping tea close to Miquella’s cocoon, waiting for the players’ entrance. The Host of Fingers applies deodorant as a “buff” and wields their sword, prepared for a fight. However, the battle finishes in a flash as the summoned mage casts the Comet Azur spell, defeating Mohg as he advances. The clash ends with the phrase “Mages Are Better” in shimmering gold, replacing the traditional “Demigod Felled” message on the screen.

The animation is amusing, but it also holds a lot of truth. It demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of the various classes in Elden Ring, encouraging gamers to try out different characters. The video also serves as an incentive to get people to team up and experiment with the huge range of playstyles available.

The fanbase of Elden Ring has been manifesting their fondness for it in entertaining and imaginative ways. Animators are able to flaunt their creativity while also showcasing the game’s components. It’s captivating to see how others will visually portray Elden Ring in various formats. From artwork to parody videos, players are expressing their commitment to the game in abundant ways, signifying that its legacy will remain for a long time.

Elden Ring is now up for grabs on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms.