Elden Ring Community Concerns: A Gamer’s Perspective

A Elden Ring fan expressed their worries for the game’s community after a bizarre revelation, with two Tarnished trying to go in the water and being killed right away. The Lands Between is filled with powerful creatures that can obliterate players in an instant, but players seemed to prefer a different manner of getting a sudden demise.

The popular RPG Elden Ring from FromSoftware has a devoted fan base that sometimes goes beyond the game’s limits, even when they know the outcome. Players never shy away from testing their limits, though sometimes it results in some peculiar deaths. After beating the last boss, there are a variety of ways to occupy one’s time, like using the game’s character creator to make Old Gregg or uncovering new interactions with enemies. It is even possible to achieve alternative endings by completing a different mission path.

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A Reddit user, identified as xzebia, raised an alarm after noticing two gamers that suddenly walked off into the sea and died. The clip reveals xzebia interacting with two different in-game characters and then watching them jump into the water for no visible reason, which awed a lot of people in the comments. Although Elden Ring has a lot of sudden deaths, this one appears to be the most bizarre yet.

In the comments, some folks assumed that players could use a quick death as an effective way to get rid of the missing runes symbol on their compass. Additionally, Elden Ring players were jokingly speculating that the two phantoms were attempting to get the treasure they saw in the sea. Tht1QuietGuy, a Reddit user, also pointed out that some Elden Ring players place bloodstains in safe areas as a way to make new players feel uneasy without any explanation.

In Elden Ring’s multiplayer mode, players can team up to take on foes and acquire new items and spells. Although the game can be daunting for veterans and newcomers alike, playing with others can make taking out particular targets simpler. It should be noted that attempting to swim in any body of water will be futile, but it is possible to wade through shallow water.

Elden Ring can be experienced on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S platforms.