Possible Signals of a Redo of Dead Space 2 Appearing Following Recent Remake of Dead Space

EA Motive recently unveiled a remake of Dead Space, and some fans are now theorizing that the sequel could be receiving a revamp in the future. The original title did not have a new game plus mode, but this new remake offers a post-game challenge which has been featured in other titles as well, and it even has subtle indications that point to a possible remake of Dead Space 2.

Dead Space gamers who have completed the campaign and begun their New Game Plus savvies have encountered exciting indications that point to a Dead Space 2 remake. This follows the success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, which Capcom is currently producing a Resident Evil 4 edition of. The makers of Dead Space may be hoping to achieve a similar outcome due to the in-game cues that have been provided. Replaying Dead Space with New Game Plus increases the longevity of the game by presenting gamers with more challenging levels than the initial playthrough, and this save could contain some hints of future developments.


Those who do not partake in the new game plus for Dead Space may not be privy to the in-game text logs and the references to a potential Dead Space 2 remake that others have discovered. Within an email exchange, which can be found on a terminal, between two characters from the remake of the game, it is suggested that the “decommissioning” of the Sprawl on Titan is planned to happen within the next year.

The Dead Space remake may contain Easter eggs that reference Titan Station, also known as the Sprawl, but it has a much larger role in Dead Space 2. Players traverse many areas of the station throughout the story, and it is also the setting of a major plot point. This pivotal moment is when Isaac Clarke struggles for his life after the destruction of the USG Ishimura, which could be incorporated into a potential remake of Dead Space that has only been hinted at so far.

Although there has been no official announcement from Electronic Arts and Motive Studio about any further collaborations, the clues in Dead Space may allude to the eventual production of a sequel. Much like other games started around the same time, the remake of Dead Space had its share of delays due to the pandemic, but the production of a potential follow-up could be expedited due to the pre-existing assets.

Dead Space can be purchased for current-gen consoles such as the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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