Future Newcomers to Destiny 2 Will Have the Opportunity to Obtain Pre-Existing Cosmetic Items

Players of Destiny 2 are now gifted the chance to acquire cosmetics that cannot be obtained through regular game progression, thanks to Bungie Studios.

As the release of Lightfall approaches, Bungie has been disclosing information on the modifications that will come with it. Their most recent publication is a report on the economic adjustments Lightfall will bring.

Bungie’s standout feature for Destiny 2 is the inclusion of legacy gear focusing. This will enable players to obtain armor and weapons from retired seasons, which can then be used to transmogrify their current look. Since the game is getting close to its twentieth season, this system provides a lot of growth potential and assists new players in displaying classic designs. This will help to reduce the fear of missing out that generally comes with the live service model, and may be appreciated by gamers who were unable to obtain a particular piece of armor before. It has been announced that items from the following collections will be obtainable through focusing:

  • The Crucible
  • The Vanguard, incorporating Nightfall armaments
  • Gambit mode
  • The Iron Banner
  • The Trials of Osiris
Destiny 2

Bungie will require players to put in the effort of their current time to go back to the past. Focus on the legacy armor will necessitate a certain amount of investment:

  • Three Engrams from the Crucible
  • Fifty Legendary Shards
  • Ten Thousand Glimmer Pieces

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The price of legacy armor that has already been acquired will be reduced. To participate in Nightfall, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris, additional resources will be necessary:

  • Engrams from seven different seasons
  • 100 Shards of Legendary quality
  • 100,000 units of Glimmer

In response to the alterations to Blue Engrams, Bungie has created this system with the intention of streamlining the game and providing more opportunities for advancement and play. On top of this, Ada-1 will offer three different legacy armor shaders at 10,000 Glimmer each, with a rotation of selections.

Focus on legacy content will provide gamers with more things to do and items to strive for. Linking those to their current game development might be the best strategy for enticing them to join the game, instead of just offering time-limited items to persuade them to invest and binge on it. This could be a more favorable approach for the Destiny 2 community and its population size in the future. Such a transition could help it get back on track after the reports of gamers losing their character progression and the subsequent server downtime.

Despite the difficulties Halo’s former developer has faced, such as layoffs and leadership issues, Bungie is dedicated to their current players and is continuing to move forward with their plans for Lightfall.

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