During Diablo Immortal’s Lunar New Year celebration, both presenting and receiving gifts are equally rewarding experiences.

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diablo immortal

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is about to launch an event to celebrate the Lunar New Year called Tong-Shi’s Renewal. Players will be given rewards for completing daily tasks and also for being generous enough to gift Red Bags to their friends. As a bonus, they will earn Tseym currency which can be exchanged for other rewards and also towards achieving server-wide milestones. Additionally, the update will include new Legendary items for each class and improved rewards for finding duplicate Legendary items.

There are also the quality of life improvements such as cross-server matchmaking for dungeons and a guaranteed dungeon set item drop after multiple runs. The Fractured Plain event is also making a return and a new battle pass is coming. Despite the end of the publishing agreement with Chinese partner NetEase Games, Diablo Immortal has done exceptionally well in China since its launch in the Summer of 2022 and will continue to be developed.

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