Diablo 4: Blizzard Addresses Minion Server Slam Issues

Blizzard Entertainment has been responsive to the worries of the Necromancers in Diablo 4 and are now planning on releasing a hotfix to make the skeleton minions more formidable. Getting the Diablo 4 class balance correctly was a challenge, as the game was designed to give each class a more individualized playstyle than had been featured in Diablo 3.

Gamers who tested the open beta of Diablo 4 found the Druid class to be lacking while they deemed the Necromancer to be overly powerful due to their unkillable minions. The developers of Diablo 4 took this into account and decided to enhance the Druid’s abilities while at the same time reducing the Necromancer’s power, however, they may have gone a bit too far in their attempts to create a balanced game.

It has been reported that the Diablo 4 Beta servers are causing stuttering issues for players who are using AMD CPUs. Gamerant.com has more information on the issue.

As the server slam for Diablo 4 progressed, gamers realized that their supposedly tough army from the open beta was nothing but a group of easily-disintegrating skeletons when a Fallen gave a simple sneeze. Players took to Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official forums to vent their disappointment and it was brought to Blizzard’s attention that Necromancer summons were lagging behind Bone and Blood skills. This prompted Rod Fergusson, the general manager, to make an announcement that Necromancer minions would receive necessary adjustments.

Fergusson, himself a Necromancer main, gave the Diablo 4 community no cause for concern about the Necromancer’s current form. Streamers such as Asmongold praised the dev team for hearing the playerbase’s feedback. The hotfix should come as part of the server slam, hopefully addressing the Necromancer minions’ health issues.

The server slam for Diablo 4 has brought about a more realistic experience as the Legendary drop rates have been diminished to match the anticipated launch values. While the treasure hunting has been reduced, players still see around twenty legendaries after 90 minutes of farming in Kor Dragan, leaving folks questioning if Blizzard will further reduce the drop rates to maintain their exclusivity.

Blizzard Entertainment’s opinion on Legendary items may not matter, as the recent challenge posed by the notorious Ashava world boss in Diablo 4 clearly demonstrated; it has taken out a large number of players. As its launch is fast approaching, gamers who are already in love with the game are likely to relish the entire experience, while those who are still undecided will remain uncertain.

On June 6, Diablo 4 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.