All Raids Temporarily Block Access to Destiny 2’s Warlock Exotic

In response to an ongoing issue, Bungie has disabled the Necrotic Grip set of Warlock Exotic gauntlets from being used in any Destiny 2 raids. This means the Lightfall expansion’s new Root of Nightmares raid will be free of the gauntlets’ unique ability until Bungie can investigate and identify the cause of the bug.

Destiny 2‘s recently released raid, The Root of Nightmares, is the latest challenge for players who have completed the Lightfall Legendary campaign. Those who can conquer the raid before the 21st of March can acquire an exclusive Root of Nightmares raid jacket from Bungie Rewards. However, Warlocks are advised not to use the Necrotic Grip Exotic gauntlets, as a bug gives them an unfair advantage in high-level content.

The Bungie Help Twitter account announced that the Necrotic Grip Warlock Exotic gauntlets, found here, have been disabled in Destiny 2 raids for a while due to a technical difficulty identified by the development team. Players may still don the gloves for strikes, dungeons, and seasonal content, though the raids are off-limits until the technical issue is settled. Bungie hasn’t revealed any specifics about the snafu with the Warlock gauntlets, but the community has already identified the problem after experimenting with Edge of Intent and Vexcalibur glaives.

In the current meta of Destiny 2, it appears that the Necrotic Grip’s Grasp of the Devourer perk is too powerful when used in conjunction with the perks on the Edge of Intent and Vexcalibur Exotic glaives. The Edge of Intent glaive generates energy with each damage inflicted by the Necrotic Grip’s poison, allowing players to repeatedly activate Restorative Turrets. Additionally, when the Necrotic Grip is used with Vexcalibur, the player’s Void overshields are continuously refreshed with every individual damage tick. Because of this, Bungie has disabled the Exotic from all raids while players are running the newly released Root of Nightmares raid.

Destiny 2 has been facing a problem related to the combination of Necrotic Grip’s perk and the Edge of Intent and Vexcalibur glaives. This pairing allows for a Void overshield refresh, and when combined with the Restorative Turrets provided by the Edge of Intent, the player can become virtually indestructible, eliminating any kind of threat.

Bungie acted quickly in deactivating the Exotic before the launch of the Root of Nightmares raid. There has been much discussion about Bungie’s decision to disable the Necrotic Grip, however, it seems the move was done to shield Destiny 2’s goal for demanding content in the Lightfall expansion.

The latest version of Destiny 2 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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