Destiny 2 Server Downtime Scheduled for 24 Hours Later This Month

Bungie has announced that on February 27th beginning at 9am PT, the servers for the shooter Destiny 2 will be unavailable for 24 hours. This title, which continues to be a widely played FPS, has kept many of its fans engaged through seasonal content, whereas others are likely waiting for the expansion before they dive back in. Fortunately, the release of the Destiny 2 expansion is almost here.

The February 28 launch of Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion is imminent, and it is expected to bring plenty of excitement to the game’s fanbase. Players will be able to explore the new city of Neomuna on Neptune, take advantage of various quality-of-life improvements, and much more. To make sure things go off without a hitch, there will be a 24-hour maintenance period before the expansion is released.


Bungie has warned that players who have pre-ordered Destiny 2: Lightfall will be able to pre-download the expansion on their platform of choice from February 27 at 9am PT. They have not given a specific file size but have said it will be “large”. On the plus side, it should result in Destiny 2 having quicker loading times and taking up less space. Although maintenance is planned to help the Lightfall launch, fans should still be prepared for the possibility of server issues or extended downtime.

As the release of the Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 approaches, Bungie is expecting a large influx of players and has warned that there may be sign-in queues during the first few hours of the launch and at peak play times. Thus, Destiny 2 fans may want to adjust their expectations and plan accordingly if they want to play with friends as soon as the expansion goes live on February 28.

The Light and Darkness Saga, of which Lightfall is the second-to-last expansion, is set to conclude with the release of the Final Shape expansion, originally planned for the end of last year. It is yet to be revealed whether this will lead to a new installment in the Destiny franchise or not, but in the meantime, players can look forward to the launch of Lightfall in the coming weeks.

The popular game Destiny 2 can now be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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